A senior lecturer in the Sociology Department of the Kogi State University (KSU),

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According to M. O. Bamidele, a journalist and social critic who posted the incident on his Twitter account, Egwuaba, and the unnamed lady had been in a relationship for sometime now but the lecturer who is known for his violent ways with other women, has been taking it as a duty to assault her whenever she errs.

The latest incident, according to Bamidele, occurred when the lady went for a church program in the night but her lecturer boyfriend became suspicious that she could be seeing another man and trailed her to her hostel where he beat the living daylights out of her, inflicting severe injuries on her.

Read what Bamidele wrote:

"Edward Egwuaba, a lecturer in the Sociology Dept, Kogi State University physically abused a female student he is having an affair with.

This happened on Monday night; the girl left Edward's place for a church meeting and later went back to her hostel.

But Edward who had been trying to reach her grew suspicious and found her later in her hostel.

He beat her mercilessly, leaving bruises all over her body.

According to a friend of the maltreated girlfriend, this is not the first time Edward would maltreat a woman.

He had done a similar thing to a previous girlfriend whom he allegedly beat up and locked in the booth of his car."

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Many women activists have been going to social media to call for the arrest of the lecturer whom they see as a serial women abuser though it is not known whether any action would be taken against him.

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