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Rosanwo gave a personal account on how he has been a victim of domestic abuse in the hands of his wife over the last 20 months.

In his personal narration of events, Rosanwo tweeted "I have thought about my sons for so long but I have come to realise I have to speak up for me. I will explain to them when they are of age" as he revealed the details of his broken marriage.

"A marriage of verbal & physical abuse in the hands of in-laws then the spouse. About time I speak up for myself" Rosanwo also tweeted.

You can read his Twitter thread below;

Rosanwo's Twitter thread also contained screenshots of his wife's e-mail to him which you can read below;

In the latter parts of his thread, Rosanwo revealed more things about the domestic violence that occurred in his marriage including a spine shift.

His domestic violence thread has sparked up conversations if men should open up if they are victims of domestic abuse.

What do you feel? Do you think Rosanwo should have kept quiet or opened up?