Meet Catholic priest who squandered church money on lover

The clergyman asked the Durham Crown Court to give him a period of three months to repay the money he took from the church.

Father John Reid.

Reid reportedly spent a sum of £50,000 for the upkeep of the housekeeper, Gillian Leddy, and her two daughters, Veronica and Alice.

The clergyman luckily escaped prison sentence after admitting his offence and following his promise to pay back the sum if given three months.

Report says that Reid, who described the beneficiaries as "the family he never had" bought two properties each for his lover's daughters, a car and some funds for their business.

The Durham Crown Court also heard that he made Leddy a co-signatory to the church's cheque book in addition to taking her on a frequent free meal spree.

Judge Og Prince who presided over the case was benevolent in his ruling on the matter.

This was due to the described good behaviour of the offender who had maintained an upright personality until his recent misdemeanor.


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