A Filipino woman,  Liezel Betitta, 32, has cut off her husbands penis following suspicion that the latter was having an affair with his friends wife.

The victim, Mark was asleep at his friend's residence when his paranoid wife took a scissors and grazed a big chunk of his 'Custard Launcher'.

A resulting pain from the violent act woke the man up, attracting the attention of his friends following a loud scream.

He was soon rushed down to the Jesus Colmenares Memorial Hospital, Balasan where a medical response team attended to him.

This however did not induce any sign of remorse in the assaulter who seemed ready for any consequence deserving of her action.

“I don’t regret cutting off his penis. It’s his punishment for being a womanizer. I am ready to face the consequences of my action.

“I am tired of his womanizing. He got a new girlfriend lately.”

Meanwhile, Mark, her husband has insisted that he would be pressing charges against his wife.

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This is according to Alexis Bataga, a Carles Police Department detective who stated that Betitta is already in the custody of law enforcement officers.

Surgeons from the Visayas Medical Center, Iloilo City reportedly tried to join the missing part of the man's penis but all came to no avail.