5 Shocking incidents that prove Nigerian mob is the most ruthless when dealing with women (Photos)

The first thing that a Nigerian mob would do to a woman who has committed crime is to strip her naked before beating her.


Sometimes in November 2014, the whole world turned its attention to Kenya when Embassava touts stripped a lady for dressing indecently.

Kenyan men were portrayed as brutal and misogynistic by foreign media who reported the incident after women took to the street to protest in a demo that was dubbed “My dress my choice”.

Well, Nigerian mob is worst than Kenya’s; incidents of women getting stripped and assaulted are a common occurrence.

Frustrations of hard economic times has turned Nigerian mob into a vicious blood thirsty lot that strip women and make them walk in their birthday suits in the streets.

Below are incidents that have seen female criminals getting stripped naked and beaten to pulp.

#1. Video of a woman being beaten in Ekiti state, Nigeria was uploaded online by Chude TV. The video showed men with bamboo sticks whipping a naked lady said to be a thief. The video was very graphic, couldn’t be shared on this platform.

#2. March 2016

A middle aged woman who was suspected of kidnapping a child in Lagos was stripped naked and beaten silly by an angry mob.

The woman allegedly tried to abduct a child who was going to school before she was busted. The mob stripped her naked and beat senseless.

#3. May 2016

A young lady who allegedly stole a phone at a shopping mall in Warri, Delta State, was sexually molested by a mob comprising of young men.

The woman had stolen a Tecno Boom J8 at Robbinson Plaza when the mob caught her. They stripped her naked, inserted sticks, bottles and iron rods into her private parts and beat her to pulp.

4. August 2016

A suspected female kidnapper in Ilesha, Ogun state was stripped naked and beaten by a mob after she was caught attempting to kidnap a 9-year-old girl.

A mob which comprised of mostly men stripped the lady and paraded her naked in the streets as they assaulted her.

5. November 2016

A suspected female kidnapper together with her two male accomplices were given the jungle justice treatment after they were nabbed in Calabar, the Cross Rivers State.

They were all stripped naked before they were handed a dog’s beating and made to lie on the road for everyone to see them.


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