Luo jackpot winner throws a 2 day party for new wife as he reveals what he did with 20 million shillings

The newest millionaire in town started his new life by getting a new partner.

A jackpot winner proved this to be true when he threw a lavish ceremony for his new wife. He was celebrating the start of a new life and a new status after his lucky windfall.

Joseph Onywera from Kisumu won the Betway jackpot back in June and has since transformed his life.

To put the cherry on the cake, he held a two day party for his new wife at his home. The party cost him a cool Ksh. 200,000.

That is just a tenth of his 20 million windfall. Speaking to Standard, Onywera revealed that he had treated the guests to 2 big bulls, 100 kilograms of rice, 15 chicken, one sheep and a goat.

Several crates of soda, cartons of bottled water and other drinks were also available.

Joseph Onywera won the jackpot in June and has since embarked on a number of projects for his well-being.

He has indeed made a total turn-around from the man he was 8 years ago when he failed to cater for his family.

His former wife had run away and on trying to come back he told her off and went looking for another former sweetheart from Uganda. Phoebe Atieno is the new lady companion of Joseph Onywera in his new millionaire life.

During the party, he also unveiled a 14 seater matatu and a pick-up which he plans to use to make and revealed he had set up a number of rentals and other real estate projects to secure his livelihood.


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