Buhari Media Organisation accuses Donald Trump of hate speech

BMO in a statement made available to newsmen, reacted to the US President’s statement allegedly insulting President Buhari.

BMO in a statement made available to newsmen, reacted to the US President’s statement allegedly insulting President Buhari.

A report by Financial Times revealed that Trump told his aides that he did not want to meet with Buhari again, describing him as lifeless.

Nigeria’s President was in the US in April 2018, for a meeting with President Trump.

The group said “President Muhammadu Buhari is fit and capable to run for the 2019 elections and oversee the affairs of the country for four more years President Donald Trump’s hate speech notwithstanding.”

Trump is disrespectful

According to Vanguard, BMO also said that President Trump’s disrespectful attitude towards world leaders is not new.

“We are aware that President Trump’s disrespect for World Leaders is not new; his comments on Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, calling him ‘meek and mild’; his reference to Germany’s Leader, Angela Merkel’s actions as ‘insane’, or his outlandish Tweet at the UK’s Theresa May, and more recently, the alleged remarks he made after meeting President Buhari.

“It is indeed not the first time President Trump would be heard to lower the standards of respect for his colleagues on the World Stage. We are not surprised, we know that this age-long character of the US President would not change anytime soon. But it is important that we put it on record that President Buhari remains fit and sprightly, even for the next decade.

“We recall that during President Buhari’s visit to Trump in the White House, the US President commended the successes that the Buhari administration had recorded especially in the fight against insurgency and the war on corruption. The US President was full of admiration for Nigeria’s President during the visit, thus such outlandish remarks as reported by the Financial Times are not just to be taken with a pinch of salt but are untrue in themselves.”

The celebrated 800m walk

BMO also stated that President Buhari’s 800m walk in Daura, Katsina state, though not a show-off, is a proof of his fitness.

The group also added that the President will not be moved by the statement of the United Sates President.

Meanwhile, Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere has issued a statement supporting the statement reportedly made by President Donald Trump.


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