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‘My Pastor is making life unbearable for me over sex’

Fadekemi's vow to wait until her marriage to have sex is being put under test by her pastor who insists he must have sex with her.

Confused lady

And this is a vow I have been keeping all along and I have even lost some suitors who insisted on sleeping with me before we get married.

But in the past one year, my pastor has been making life difficult for me all because he wants to sleep with me.

After I became a born again Christian, I decided to dedicate my life to God and immerse myself in his work. I signed up in many departments in the church and in no time, I was the star in the church with the GO always using me as an example of how a Christian should be.

I was in the choir, ushering department, welfare, prayer group and other departments in the church. I did not do all of these to get any attention but I was driven by my zeal to serve God and I did them without thinking about any gain.


But now, my pastor, a man I respect so much and could have defended anywhere, is trying to make me fall into temptation.

It all began when I took whom I had been dating to introduce to him. Damola is also a Christian and had agreed to my no sex before marriage condition and proposed to me.

But after the introduction, my pastor started acting in a very funny way. He first told me that the holy spirit told him that Damola was not the right man for me and that I should break off the engagement even though our parents were aware.

He then started being harsh on me, something he had never done before and snapped at me at the slightest mistake. There was a day he berated and insulted me in front of other choir members during a practice and even when I went to his office to ask if I had done anything to annoy him, he shouted at me and ordered me to leave his office.

I was so worried and tried to get him to tell me what my offence was and that was when he told me that he was angry that I had the guts to bring a man to introduce to him. I was aghast at his words and when I enquired why it was so, he told me that he was in love with me and does not want any other man near.


I practically ran out of his office and tried to stay away from him but it has not been possible because I have to relate with him every other day.

He has made it clear that if he does not have sex with me, he will make sure I do not get married to Damola or any other man for that matter.

He even threatened to place a curse on me if I refuse to sleep with him.

I am really confused because I dread what his curse could do to me. I have never been able to tell anyone of what I am going through but I am really afraid for my life.



Dear readers, after going through Fadekemi’s story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do to get away from the grip of her pastor?


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