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Swarm of bees recovers a lost motorbike in Makueni (Photos)

Another case of witchcraft has been reported in Makueni County where a swarm of been recovered a stolen motorbike.


Incidences of paranormal activities have been on the rise of late; black magic is being used in all spheres of life.

A few weeks ago, a bachelor and a married woman engaging in illicit sex were paraded before the public after they got stuck at a lodge in Kisii. The lovebirds disengaged immediately a witch doctor did a reverse spell.

Then there was that incident where a man’s genitals were moved to another part of his body after he slept with someone’s wife.


Even before the dust settled on the two abnormal cases of witchcraft, a man in Mbooni, Makueni County has shocked residents when he used black magic to recover a stolen motorbike.

Photos posted on Facebook by a certain Mobby Mae Yule Wetu show a swarm of bees flocking on one motorbike leaving others parked at the same spot.

The bees are said to have thronged the motorbike to prevent strangers from getting close to it until the owner arrived and took it home.

The motorbike’s owner is said to have consulted a witch doctor to get his bike back after he was robbed under unclear circumstances.

Residence scampered for safety when the bees surfaced at a center in Mbooni and landed on the specific motorbike.


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