Fans of the Puppy Bowl were left feeling disgusted and unimpressed after a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Mabel defaecated in the middle of the national anthem.

Sports commentator, Scott Graham however sees Mabel's action as a powerful statement and a bold display of courage.

He however admitted that the puppy's action will also open up a flood of criticism.

“For countless fans, Mabel’s actions will be a source of outrage and disgust, but perhaps just as many will see this as a powerful statement requiring a tremendous amount of courage,”

“This was a truly bold move that will draw a lot of criticism. What Mabel did today will certainly have folks talking on Monday," he said.

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According to reports, Mabel has grown a reputation to offensive sightings after being spotted with a neon-colored, non-Animal-Planet-approved collar during Puppy Bowl XII.

This earned it a fine of five chew toys according to the Onion News.