White man gets a painful thrashing after attacking black petrol attendant

This new incident along with a number of previous ones, only continue to highlight the racism many South African poor continue to suffer from years after independence.


Incidents of racism have been rife down in South Africa and yesterday a racist go a dose of his own medicine when he was given a dog’s beaten by a black man he was attacking.

In a video shared by South African blog, Mzansi Live, a white man is seen exchanging a couple of harsh words with a black petrol attendant.

He makes as if he is walking away only to come back suddenly with a vicious attack on the petrol attendant. He come with a high kick aimed at the flight attendants chest.

Unfortunately for him his kick is caught as it makes contact with the man negating its impact and also leaving him exposed and vulnerable.

The petrol attendant, who is taken aback and angered at such a callous and ruthless attack respond by lifting then now unbalanced attacked and slamming him hard on the cabro surface.

A couple of punches on the face and a heavy kick across leaves the white attacker stunned and he only gets spared when a fellow co-worker comes and pulls the petrol attendant away before he inflicts further pain on the racist attacker. Here is the video

This attack comes a couple of days after another shocking footage from South Africa showed a white settler farmer attempting to bury alive a helpless black peasant who had apparently trespassed in his compound.

The video attracted condemnation from the whole continent.


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