A 36-year-old seamstress is seeking a divorce from her husband of 10 years over his refusal to ejaculate inside of her.

Sherifat Adetunji, on Friday, February 10, 2017, explained that her marriage had been blissful until about five years ago.

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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the mother-of-two lamented over the fact that her husband could go for a year without having sexual intercourse with her, and when he did, he always employed the withdrawal method.

“My husband has been starving me sexually. Sometimes he won’t touch me for a whole year and when he did, he would not release inside me.

“I have complained severally about my dissatisfaction over his attitude towards our sexual life, but has refused to change,” she said.

The court heard that the husband of the complainant had once brought a strange man to their home to perform some rituals in the middle night, claiming that she has been emaciating since then.

“My husband brought a man to pass the night in our house and in the middle of the night, they performed some rituals since then, I have been growing lean.

“He did not show any concern about my state of health or why I was growing lean everyday,” Sherifat said.

Sherifat prayed the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her the custody of their two children, Alia, 8, and Kismat, 5.

On the other hand, Monsuru, 38, who is a trader, told the court that he assumed that his wife was happy as they hardly quarrel.

He expressed surprise over the fact that Sherifat moved out of their home and is requesting for the dissolution of their marriage.

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Monsuru, however, admitted to his sexual behavior, explaining that the current economic recession was to blame for it, as he was trying to avoid another pregnancy.

“I stopped making love to her regularly and releasing in her because of the present economic situation in the country so that she won’t get pregnant.

“The man she said I brought home was a distant relation who had no place to pass the night,” he said.