You were sent by the DPP to trap me - Babu Owino clashes with Anne Kiguta on live TV

Youtube has since taken down a video of the chaotic interview

You were sent by the DPP to trap me - Babu Owino clashes with Anne Kiguta on live TV

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was on Sunday night engaged in a heated interview that was hosted by K24's Anne Kiguta.

The interview started raising controversy even before it could begin after a section of Kenyans protested Babu's appearance on live national TV at a time he is facing charges of attempted murder.

When he appeared on K24's political show Punch Line, the legislators started off by talking about his online classes which he has used to prepare KCSE candidates during the lock down arising from the coronavirus crisis.

Kiguta asked if Babu may be using the online classes as a way to gain public favour and possibly influence his charges of attempted murder, to which the controversial MP denied saying he had started teaching many years ago while he was in primary school.

The interview escalated after K24 replayed CCTV footage of the night Babu shot DJ Evolve at point blank at a city club.

After the CCTV footage was played, the visibly irritated MP declined to answer all questions touching on Dj Evolve saying the matter was in court and amounted to sub judice.

The interview had been scheduled to run for twenty five minutes ended up becoming a circus for at least 13 minutes as Babu constantly gave the same answer to Kiguta's persistent questions on the shooting of DJ Evolve.

While Babu had in the past claimed that he had paid Dj Evolve's bill, he declined to respond to the victim;s father who indidated that the family was still overwhelmed by their son's medical bill.

After more than ten minutes of back and forth, Babu accused Kiguta of working for the DPP to trap him into making comments that would go beyond the terms of his bail.

"I think you were sent by the DPP to ask me these questions so that they can get an excuse for arresting me," Babu said before the interview ended.

Interestingly, a video of the interview has since been pulled down by Youtube for allegedly breaching the terms of service although it had already been shared on other platforms.


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