A Letter to all NASA & Jubilee Sycophants

A Must read for all NASA and Jubilee sycophants

As you go to the streets three times a week dear NASA supporters kindly educate yourself on what you are fighting for.

Do not go on the streets blindly ready to lose your life for one Raila Odinga, who has not turned up for a single protest.

In case you did not know, he will be flying out of the country on Friday to attend high-profile meetings and you will be on the streets fighting for a cause he knows quite well what it involves.

When a journalist seeks your opinion on the streets, please do not just say Chiloba Must Go. Know why this Chiloba should lose his job at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

I promise you these leaders know what it is they want, they can articulate it even when caught off guard. But the real question will be, 'Can you explain why you are on the streets?'

Please educate yourself.

After doing so, go to the streets and demonstrate peacefully, it is undoubtedly your constitutional right.

At the same time, team Jubilee and the Nairobi Business Community out in the streets protecting President Uhuru Kenyatta, know what you are doing.

Do not go on the streets protecting uthamaki just for the sake of protecting it.

Know why you want President Kenyatta to rule this country for a second term. Mtoto wetu or mtu wetu explanation does not win this thing.

Why are you on the street opposing NASA supporters? Are you just there because you were given 200 bob for the day and you think it is good business?

When protesting Maraga Must go, did you even understand the whole ruling as delivered or you waited for your 'son' to read it, conclude that the judges were wakoras then blindly agreed with him?

Team Jubilee kindly educate yourself. Ask yourself hard questions like, 'Why does Uhuru want this seat again?'

After making sure you know what you are fighting for, go ahead and do what you think is right.

Do not let these leaders carry your brains.

Please Jubilee and NASA sycophants educate yourself!


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