Ford K officials to remove Wetang'ula as Party Leader in two weeks

A section of Ford Kenya officials have called for a meeting in two weeks time to remove Cord Principal Moses Wetang’ula as party leader.


The group led by National Organising Secretary Peter Munyae, have picked November 26 as the date to eject Wetang’ula from the helm of Ford K in Thika Town.

The group cited grievances ranging from poor leadership, party mismanagement and governance issues as the main causes for their move.

This comes in the wake of Wetan'gula announcing plans for a National Executive Council (NEC) and parliamentary group retreat on November 24 and 25 ahead of the party's general council slated for the following day as it prepares for next year’s general elections.

However the Munyae-led faction have said they will go on with their plans and hold a parallel meeting to pick their own party leader.

The group are fronting for Ken Wafula to take over the party's leadership.

"He has violated the Constitution and Ford-Kenya risks being de-registered for failing to ensure that the party bears the face of the country," said Mr Munyae.

Show cause letter

Last week Munyae wrote to Moses Wetang’ula and Secretary General Eseli Simiyu, giving them a week to give reasons why they should not be ejected from office over mismanagement and governance issues.

In the letter copied to the Registrar of Political Parties, Munyae said the two had failed Ford Kenya, reducing it to an ethnic party with the intention of “killing” it.

Munyae cited failures to convene subsequent National Delegates Conference and the General Council, which its constitution requires to meet at least twice and once every year.

Munyae also cited failure of the two to conduct grassroots and national party elections and instead appoint “strangers” as officials to various organs within Ford Kenya.

He blamed Wetang’ula of failing to reward hard working and loyal party members and instead filling Ford Kenya’s nomination slots with outsiders from other parties.

However, Wetang'ula dismissed the group saying that Munyae was not a bona-fide Ford K official as he was relieved of his position in the party two years ago.


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