Raila in Trouble after asking Kenyans to Refrain from Sex

Nairobi Pastor vows to take Raila to court

Raila Odinga

Godfrey Migwi of House of Hope Church in Kayole stated that Odinga was going against the Bible and hence the law by asking women to deny their husbands their conjugal right.

“The Bible is clear on conjugal rights, thus I’m mobilizing my fellow preachers so that we can plan on how to sue Nasa Presidential candidate Raila Odinga for the remarks,” Mr Migwi said.

The man of cloth noted that sex is an important part of marriage highlighting that he had witnessed serious cases where a partner has been denied sex.

“As preachers I’ve handled several cases where spouses part when one party denied another his or her sex rights thus he and any other leader ought not to be taken serious at all,” he mentioned.

On Monday, the Opposition leader asked men and women to refrain from sex on election day stating that this would allow them to conserve their energies before going to ‘war’ (referring to the voting day)

“We are going to war and we must fully conserve our energies before the day of battle which is August 8. None of us should have sex on the eve of the pols,” he said.

While addressing the women, the Former Prime Minister said: “All women should deny their husbands conjugal rights on the eve of voting. This will ensure that we wake up early to vote and remain vigilant throughout the day intil the results are tallied and announced”.

Speaking in Homabay County Mr Odinga further instructed ladies not to even look at their men when they make a sexual move towards them.

“If he moves closer toyou, don’t even look at him. Tell him we have a wat to fight. Let us have intercourse after we get the Presidency,” Odinga said amid laughter.


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