Man opens up about the struggles of living as a man with engorged milk-producing breasts

Unlike female breasts which feed the young, male breasts are usually for decorative purposes and sometimes erotic purposes.

Man produces milk

But in Dayak fruit bats of Malaysia and Borneo in Southeast Asia, theirs are different. This is because they can produce milk though they have not been observed breastfeeding.

Milk production is not however limited to these mega-bats as it has been observed in some highly inbred domestic animals and human males with tumours.

And that is the case of one Francis Gachuru who suffers from a condition called Prolactinoma which is basically a non-cancerous tumour in the pituitary gland which causes the body to over produce the hormone prolactin.

Which results to enlarged breasts, production of milk, visual-impairment, erectile dysfunction and infertility.

For Francis, his problems extend beyond physical as it has rocked his marriage as the wife almost left when she thought she was the one with the problem.

They are still together but Francis admits that he often suffers humiliation when he stands to speak in front of people.

And some people even go ahead and rebuke him for being infertile and tell him that he will die like a roadside dog as he has no one to carry forth his name.

To manage this condition, Francis has spent over one million shillings but to no avail so he is looking to raise 2 Million shillings to go for further medical treatment in India. Doctors in Kenya however say that they can treat him for cheaper, for about 300, 000-700,000 Kshs Francis will be back to normal. And the medical procedure will be considerably safer in Kenya.

Watch Francis’ story below as reported by NTV’s Gabriel Kudaka


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