Even money and fame can't save you from killing yourself!

Depression is one shabbily handled mental condition in Nigeria but a lot of people suffer from it.

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs on stage at the iHeartRadio Album Release Party.

A good life lesson on profanity has been learnt. No matter the amount of money or fame one has acquired, it just might not be enough.

This also brings more focus on a need to develop more structures to deal with mental health issues particularly depression.

Sometimes I am depressed. I hate it when I need cash for an important deliverable but can't come up with enough. It makes me ask this question - will I ever be rich?

Simply put, depression is a feeling of sadness that makes one think there is no hope for the future.

Why would Chester Bennington think there is no hope for the future? He has luxury cars, fame and a lot of groupies for Pete's sake!

Now I am trying to digress from analyzing the suicide as a rock fan which makes it sort of like a personal loss for me.

I have an awesome voice, chicks love me because I can play a guitar very well, I can travel to anywhere in the world, watch the Wimbledon final in company of Bradley Cooper and other hot shots. (This is Bennington - not me). Why would I want to kill myself?

Unfortunately, asking all these questions has not given me an answer. I just can't fathom.

But I am concerned about the unknown amount of people dealing silently with depression in my country Nigeria where mentally impaired folks are left to roam the streets stark naked.

As a child, I saw some walk around during trips with my mum around Ojuelegba and Mushin and that scarred me for a long while. Innocent me.

Well, maybe it helped me with prior knowledge about the human body in my high school Biology class because I could relate more to the lecture about human organs.

What is sad is that our neglecting government have failed to see reasons why mental health is important. At least they know it for themselves but just won't do much when it concerns others.

Anyways, I am voting wisely in the 2019 General Elections after all Senator Oluremi Tinubu has said that we only have ourselves to blame for not voting.

There is a little bit of Chester Bennington in everyone. Depression is a continuous wave that one can either escape from or get caught in.

Don't rely on probability. Seek help before the noose is tied!


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