Which Pulse recipe will crown your Valentine's Day? Take this Quiz to find out

Good food makes everything better!

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Would you describe yourself or your significant other as a "sweet tooth"?

Yes Next question
The Pulse decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake is the perfect dessert to get you in the mood this Valentine's Day!

Are you a morning person?

Absolutely a morning person!
But Why? Absolutely Not!
Absolutely a morning person! Next question
You should definitely try out these yummy Pulse hash browns!

Not a morning person?

Never have been, never will be!
You'll definitely enjoy this Pulse smoothies after a lovely Valentine's day. Next question

Have you made any Valentine's Day plans?

Nope Next question
This one is especially for those who have no plans this Valentine's Day. Make our Pulse honey-mala Matumbo the plan!!!!!

Are you looking to impress anyone this Valentine's Day?

Bora uhai!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Next question
Very few things can match the Pulse Sautéed chicken-veggie salad! We guarantee nothing short of a jaw-drop with this one!

What does a Kenyan Valentine's Day feel like?

Don't know, don't care
I'd like to find out
I'd like to find out Next question
Well...well...well...you're in luck because a +254 Valentine's Day feels exactly like the Kenyan-style Pulse lemon-garlic wings!

I need an extraordinary experience this Valentine's Day...

Pulse gotchu!
The Pulse tender, red wine T-bone steak is guaranteed to excite all your taste buds and leave you yearning for more this Valentine's Day! Next question

I need someone to fall in love with me this Valentine's Day! One way or another!

Love for who?!
Amen! Next question
Indeed everyone deserves love! Could these soft, heart-shaped Mandazis make someone fall in love with you?

"Me, myself and I, that's all I got in the end, that's what I found out..."

That Beyoncé song says it all!
Beyoncé sang that?
That Beyoncé song says it all! Next question
The Pulse chili tomato chutney will clear out that bad taste betrayal left in your mouth. And if it doesn't then try, try again!

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Pulse!

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Eat healthy, enjoy your lovely meals this season and try out the Pulse quick mini-samosas!
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