The Strange Thing Raila Does When Viewing Dead Bodies in Burials

Raila's peculiar move at funerals

Mr. Odinga attends countless funerals and has more than once used the platform to propagate his political inclinations.

This is a trick he learnt from his father Oginga Odinga who would use funerals to send political messages when he was placed under house arrest.

The founding father would send notes endorsing people for political positions as he was not free to move around.

Interestingly, the former Prime Minister has followed in the steps of his father and has been spotted in different funerals where apart from condoling with the aggrieved families, talks politics.

But what has caught the attention of many is the rather strange lifting of the hand Odinga does when paying his last respect to the dead.

In several funerals, the NASA leader has been captured lifting his hand in the air or when carrying his whisk raising it as he honors the departed.

In other instances Mr Odinga has donned traditional regalia during funerals.

Though some may view it as strange, the NASA leader could just be practicing cultural rites of the Luo community.

Here are pictures of Odinga at different funerals:


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