Raila Reveals How He was Betrayed While in London

Odinga spoke in his first public rally since returning from London.

Odinga complained that while he was in Britain, busy championing for a free and fair contest, Aukot had agreed to become a “Jubilee puppet”.

The former Prime Minister appeared irked by Aukot’s decision to participate in the repeat presidential election even though he had initially appeared to support Odinga’s call for a boycott.

On Saturday, the Third Way Alliance presidential candidate declared that the repeat elections ought to go on “with or without Raila”.

"The fresh election cannot be predicated on the decision of one candidate. If one candidate chooses to withdraw, Kenya cannot come to a standstill,” Aukot stated.

The statement received a rare response from the NASA leader who spoke after jetting back from London where he held talks with diplomats and other officials interested in the Kenyan election.

“Kuna mwingine amepayuka akisema Raila ni nani, ati uchaguzi utanendelea bila Raila. Nataka kulliza huyu Aukot alifanya kampeini siku gani? Anakubali kuwekwa kwa kura siku kumi tu kabla ya uchaguzi. Amekubali kuwa kikaragosi ya Jubilee.

(There is one who has been shouting saying who is Raila. That elections must continue without Raila. Am asking when did Aukot campaign. He is agreeing to be on the ballot with only ten days to the election. He has agreed to become Jubilee’s puppet)” the Opposition chief declared at a rally in Mombasa’s Mama Ngina Grounds.

Odinga also used the rally to reiterate his position that there would be no elections until NASA’s irreducible minimums were fully met by the IEBC.


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