Another blow for Raila after leaving the country

This was unexpected of Raila's ardent supporter.

Mr Sheikh Juma Ngao, the politically unstable politician, with Munya-like tendency to quit parties, has urged Mr Odinga supporters at the Coast to vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the repeat polls, hours after the former Prime Minister opted out of the race.

Mr Ngao, who is also the vice chairman of Peter Munya led Party of National Unity (PNU), has drastically shifted his allegiance to Jubilee, after denouncing his support for Mr Odinga, despite earlier criticism towards Mr Kenyatta’s administration.

“I have been a supporter of the government since the Kibaki regime. But when the price of maize flour hit Sh200 and life became difficult for Kenyans, I decided to support NASA for change,” Mr Ngao said earlier.

The support for Nasa, however, has not been long-lived, as the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council chair now blames Mr Odinga for failing to “at least nominate a candidate from the coast to parliament.”

Mr Odinga is said to have nominated five Members of Kilifi County Assembly, who are nonresidents of the coastal county.

“Raila and NASA did not see any better gift to give Kilifi people, but to bring five people from upcountry and made them MCAs in Kilifi,” he said.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party, however, nominated Christine Zawadi from Kilifi to the Senate, despite not getting any seat in the county.

“If Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka can sneak names of outsiders into Kilifi assembly, what can they do if they get the presidency?” Ngao asked.

“Raila, who we supported overwhelmingly, did not give even a single nomination slot in Parliament to a Coast person. This surprised us,” the cleric said.

Joho vs Munya factor

The recent decision by Nasa principal Raila Odinga to confer former Meru Governor Peter Munya a short lived Nasa Principal title, he argued, caused a disquiet at the Coast.

He complained that Mr Odinga’s decision was a clear indication that the former Prime Minister “took the coastal region for granted.” Mr Munya, however, defected to Jubilee.


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