Player openly admits use of black magic for City Challenge Cup triumph

SHOCKING: So black magic still works in African sports!

After shining in the jam-packed Nyayo Basketball court to record 71-49 victory, the Morans were extremely happy; a situation which made Ramadan reveal the reason why he put on different socks and different shoes on either foot.

“This is my style, today is final and it’s always my good luck charm; when I put them like that good things happen and it worked for me today.

“It’s just a ritual that I do in every big game; I put on different socks; different shoes; and it just keeps me going. It’s a ritual; it’s something that I do all the time when I know that am going in for a big game.

He added this when asked if he believes in superstition, “I do, who in Africa doesn’t. Everybody does and everybody has something that works for him or works for her during every game so it works for me this way,” he told P Live.

Arou Ramadan is a South Sudanese-born Kenyan who also plays for KPA.


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