Kenyan marathoner outruns dangerous animals in America

Athletic skills saved life for a Kenyan marathoner in in Auburn, Maine.

The marathoner, who stays in America, met the two animals while training around Auburn University in the morning and dashed down to a nearby house for safety.

He admitted that he could not fight the animals going by their danger and had to make a quick decision which was to run.

“I saw them crossing [the road]. When they spotted me, they stopped and I stopped,” he told the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal.

“I had to make a quick decision: either to climb up this tree or to run back or run to the lake because I was not going to fight them."

“I’ve been running this road for four years. I’ve never thought of meeting a bear here,” he added.

Marube is known for, among other titles, the Santa Barbara Marathon championship in Southern California.


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