How to Earn with Conor McGregor

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How to Earn with Conor McGregor

Not only that he is the most notorious MMA fighter of all times, the most outrageous and the most spectacular both in and outside the octagon, but he is also one of the most-followed athletes in the world right now. If you didn’t already figure out who we’re talking about, it’s the one and only Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor. After conquering the UFC stage, McGregor went on and conquered the hearts of his fans with some impressive live lessons, spectacular confrontations in the ring and even through some not-so-pleasant episodes. We’re going to analyze this huge athlete from all the perspectives and try to figure out what’s next for Conor.

What Makes McGregor so Popular?

Humble Roots

Born on July 14, 1988 in Dublin, McGregor first touch with sport was through football. Growing up in a family of Manchester United fans, McGregor was playing a lot of football during childhood and he dreamed of pleasing the fans on the pitch one day. However, rapidly outgrowing the football kit and wanting to learn how to fight, McGregor turned to boxing at the local Crumlin Boxing Club. It was here where he discovered that he is actually very good at throwing punches and avoiding getting hit so that he won 17 out of his boxing bouts through knockout. It was enough for him to want to try different types of contact sports and the very offerting world of MMA was an instant match.

But despite his passion and skill for boxing and combat sports, the young MCGregor didn’t think that fighting can be the type of occupation to make a living out of. So, he went on to become an apprentice plumber to be able to have a steady income even though it meant working hard for pennies. After one year of plumbing, the passion for contact sports didn’t go away and the ever-burning fire did not extinguish so he decided to end it with plumbing and chase his dream.

In 2008 he made his debut in MMA under the careful guidance of Irish martial arts teacher John Kavanagh. He started very well, winning his first two fights, however, Artemi Sitenkov ended that spree when he defeated McGregor on his own turf, in Dublin, by kneebar submission. This was the moment he realised he needs to go all in in order to make his dream come true.

From Welfare to Wealth

After leaving his day job as a plumber, it took 5 years for McGregor to get the first UFC fight. Since the minor MMA leagues are just stepping-stones to UFC, the cheques were considerably lighter as well. Since getting a new job was out of the questions because he spent almost all day in the gym training, McGregor got to the point in which he received welfare checks just to get by. Everything changed after winning the ‘Knockout of the Night’ prize in his first UFC fight that came with a cheque for $60,000.

A Mouth At Least as Big as His Fists

It’s easy to understand how Conor’s humble beginnings helped make him the big star he is today because everyone enjoys a success story. Furthermore, people can easily identify with him and thus support their hero every step of the way. However, how does his big mouth contribute to the fame he is now enjoying? Well, this is one sure way of making people looking your way.

While most other UFC fighters were discreet about their fights and achievements in the sport, preferring to focus only on their matches and training, McGregor decided to put everything into the spotlight. And in case you’re thinking he is a pioneer in this art of trash-talking, you need to think again. Sure, he is the first to use it in UFC, however, he has a predecessor that retired from competitions 7 years before McGregor was even born. Yes, it’s Muhammad Ali, a figure that inspired McGregor as a fighter as well as using words to extend his fame outside the ring.

Record-Breaking Performances

Of course, all that talk outside the ring needs to be backed-up by some serious fighting otherwise it’s all just a cheap trick that people will get tired of pretty quick. And Conor did his part in becoming an UFC legend in the octagon by becoming the first fighter to hold two championship belts at the same time.

 He won the featherweight title in 2015 and then gained enough weight to be able to compete in the lightweight class in 2016. He wrote history in the sport by winning the lightweight belt as well and that’s just one of his amazing achievements in the ring for the Irish fighter. Unfortunately, he lost both titles after his boxing escapade against Floyd Mayweather. However, that’s a performance in itself because he is also the first UFC fighter to lose two titles without ever losing a fight or even stepping into the ring.

The Mayweather Fight

Despite he knew success and public acclaim through MMA and UFC, winning a lot of matches and providing some of his most spectacular moves, McGregor’s most famous fight took place in a boxing ring. Referred to as ‘ The Money Fight’, his bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr represented the peak of Conor’s career. You may wonder how is that the peak of his career in a match that he lost. To understand the big picture you need to look closer into the conditions both fighters had to agree with in order for this fight to happen. First of all, there were no UFC movies allowed, only boxing style. So, stripping McGregor from his trademark UFC moves and putting him in a boxing ring against the most successful boxer in history already looks like not an equal fight. Even so, it is the fight of the century as every called it and despite McGregor losing the fight on referee decision, he still got out with no less than $100 million and got himself another record along the way. He became one of the 10 richest boxers in history with just one match.

The Deeds He’s Not So Proud Of

Despite being a stand-up guy, always backing up his words with actions and showing a lot of respect to others, McGregor was also the star in some scandals that he is surely not proud of. While some say that is all part of his never-seen before PR campaign, there are enough followers that claim all the scandals he’s been part of are taking a big toll on his popularity. Let’s take a look at some of this most recent ‘fights’ outside the ring.

April 2018 - the Bus Attack in Brooklyn

After the fuss around the fight of the century calmed down and the talks about a possible McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight, Conor thought it is wise to come at a UFC Media Day where the russian fighter was present and confront him about a previous dispute they had. He arrived late to the venue as Nurmagomedov was already on the bus about to leave but that didn’t stop McGregor. Inventive as he’s always been, but we’ve only seen that in the ring so far, he ran after the bus, picked up a metal dolly and threw it at the bus that was taking Nurmagomedov and the other fighters outside the venue. The dolly Conor threw went through the one of the windows, injuring several people on the bus and creating a lot of chaos in the parking lot.

Apparently, the entire incident was started by what Lobov, a sparring partner of McGregor, commented about Nurmagomedov that he’s always backing out from fights. We remind you that this was happening when the massive build up of a possible McGregor vs Nurmagomedov was going on. After hearing his comments, there was a verbal dispute between Lobov and Nurmagomedov at a hotel, with the former slapping Lobov before leaving the scene. That irritated McGregor just enough to want to teach Nurmagomedov a lesson, however, missing the opportunity he took it out on the boss and other fighters that were inside it.

In a footage of the incident from inside the bus, we can see Nurmagomedov repeatedly asking the driver and his staff to open the door so he can face McGregor right there on the spot. However, probably for both athlete’s interest and wellbeing, the staff did not follow the orders and the bus finally left the scene.

Not only that the incident was followed by UFC boss Dana White declaring he is disgusted by the actions of McGregor, but all the madness generated by the entire thing almost got the Irish fighter deported. He was charged with felony mischief and that also included deportation, however, the lawyers representing him managed to cut a deal that reduced his felony to a more forgiving misdemeanor. He paid a massive fine, faced 5 days of community service and was obliged to attend anger management classes. Can you just picture the teacher of that anger management class addressing to the first UFC fighter in history to hold two championship titles at the same time?

After-Match Brawl After He Lost Against Nurmagomedov

In his first UFC match in two years and the first fight after Mayweather, the Irishman could not stand up to the undefeated Russian sensation of UFC and had to submit in the fourth round after a perfect choke-hold performed by Nurmagomedov. However, the events did not end when the referee declared the end of the fight and Khabib the winner. As if winning the fight was not enough for the russian, he sprinted into the crowd to attack another MMA fighter, part of Conor’s entourage.

Nobody knows the exact reason of this lash out from the russian fighter, however, many have implied that it can have something to do with their previous incident in the parking lot. While all this was happening outside the cage, McGregor that was still inside was attacked by random members of the russian’s stuff. Having caught Conor off-guard, some of them actually managed to land a strike before the security stuff appeared. Both were escorted away from the arena and it was later revealed by Dana White that those who attacked McGregor were arrested by the police. Since McGregor did not press charges, the men were released. It’s not yet sure if Conor had anything to do with this entire incident, however, Khabib declared that even before the fight the Irishman talked bad about him, his father and his religion. So, it can be another case of McGregor’s big mouth taking the best of him.

Smashing a Fan’s Phone

Another time Conor made the news for something negative and totally not related to the sport that brought him fame, saw the 30-years-old Irishman get arrested once again. This time, when outside of a nightclub in Miami, he grab a fan’s phone while the man was trying to take a video of McGregor, and smashed it on the ground. As if this was not enough, Conor also stomped on the phone before taking it off the floor. He was arrested the next Monday for criminal mischief and robbery over $1,000 both of these offenses being felonies. He was later released on a bail of $12,500, however, things are not looking great for the Irish superstar as his off-the-ring ‘accomplishments’ seem the only thing he is up to nowadays.

Also, it looks like fired-up McGregor did not stop there. There is some footage from inside the club where Conor seems to very furious and shouting at another clubgoer. It was not confirmed by anyone in the club that something else happened there, however, it just shows that once a man like McGregor is set on a mission, there’s hardly anyone that can stop him.

Beef Against 50 Cent?

Nothing physical this time, however, it looks like the two definitely had something to share via social media. It’s not sure who started the exchange of satirical posts, however, 50 Cent is a known friend and fan of Mayweather so that could be the starting point of all this. The first public thing about this dispute cam when Conor posted about 50 blocking him on Twitter. 50 replied with some memes that were mocking the UFC star for doing the burger king commercial and a couple of other things. Conor took things to a different level when he posted a photo of 50 with the caption “Happy International Women’s Day” before telling 50 Cent he needs a bra and telling him the memes should have stopped.

Even though it looked like a serious thing, the last post from McGregor ended with showing some love towards 50 saying he still loves some of his tunes and he even used them as he was going into Madison Square Garden for one of his belts.

A Controversial Retirement

After all the commotion going on around him and the painful loss against Nurmagomedov, many fans started wondering what will Conor do next. Out of all the possible outcomes, nobody expected that a retirement would be the one to turn into reality. Yet, Conor McGregor announced his fans and the entire world that he will retire from the sport formally known as Mixed Martial Arts, on the 26th of March. Even though this is not the first time he announced his retirement, doing the same after he lost his first match against Nate Diaz, doing a quick comparison between the two moments, might leave fans believing things are for real this time. He declared in several occasions that the plan is to make as much many he possibly can and then retire to enjoy a quiet live with his kids and the rest of the family.

Currently under suspension for the incident after UFC 229 when he lost against Nurmagomedov, McGregor could very well retire since he has enough money for not having to fight again. However, ending his career with a defeat against what looks like his biggest enemy of all times, doesn’t really sound like McGregor. And, not even a full month after his announcement, UFC boss Dana White confirmed that we will see Conor fight again. In a statement released on the 12th of April, he said that ‘ Things are good, we’ll get something figured out soon”. He then added that Conor and him will meet face to face for further talks, confirming what some of his fans were already thinking. McGregor likes to be in control all the time and he knew that announcing his retirement will see UFC bosses jump with higher offers and better deals for him. Being the most-followed UFC athlete of all times, he has the position required to convince UFC to play by his terms. Even though not everyone agrees with his tactics, as long as he gets the results he wants, everything goes. McGregor made that clear by not following any set of rules when it comes to fights, publicity or brawls against opponents.

Another indicator that this retirement wasn’t meant to last comes from his long dispute with Khabib Nurmagomedov on Twitter. Long after the Las Vegas fight has ended, the two are still attacking one another via social media. It’s true that McGregor is the most offensive one trying to always trigger Khabib by mocking his religion and even his wedding. In one of the most recent events, Conor posted a picture of Nurmagomedov and his wife that got married in the Islamic tradition. This requires that the bride’s face to be entirely covered while in public so that only his husband can see her beauty. Mocking this traditional way of doing things, McGregor used the picture from the wedding to throw an attack towards Khabib saying that his wife is a towel. While some of the light hearted fans may consider this to be too low for the UFC star, there were plenty that tasted the joke.

Even the UFC boss, Dana White, intervened on Twitter with a post that was supposed to bring some calm, announcing that UFC is in the process of talking with both athletes and hopefully stopping the social media trash-talk. However, Conor seemed to be unstoppable by replying to Dana’s post with another stab at Khabib saying “ Plot twist: It’s a goat under the towel”.

Going past all the jokes and the comments, the indicator came from his most recent Tweet where he said that he is cool with all his fans no matter the religion or background and that he will see Khabib in the octagon. If we will see another fight between them two in 2019, that’s to be decided. However, the way things are looking right now, nothing is off the table. Especially since the Las Vegas post-match fight strapped Nurmagomedov off his belt.

Special Bets Regarding McGregor at 1xBet

With everything going on around UFC and, its most active promoted - Conor McGregor - it’s no wonder that there are a lot of fans that like to make things even more interesting by placing some well-thought bets on the fights taking place inside the circuit. With careful analysis and a bit of luck, you can score some very nice wins on this sport that rarely generates huge surprises since the athletes are so well analyzed.

And if you want to place your bets on The Notorious McGregor, even though there are no official fights announced yet, you can still do so. Just take a look at the special bets section dedicated to him on 1xBet and you will be able to choose the best that seems more appealing to you. For example, you can predict if the Irishman will fight in an official bout in 2019, if the will fight Khabib Nurmagomedov or if he will switch to professional boxing.

The list of special bets regarding McGregor does not end here as his whiskey brand is also involved in the action. You can try to guess whether his Proper 12 whiskey brand will go on sale in Russia before the end of 2019.

And since we’re talking about special bets that are meant to be fun and intriguing, you can also bet on whether Conor will make his Hollywood debut and even receive an Oscar in 2020. Other very interesting options regarding the Irishman are that he will become a Manchester United football player before the end of 2020 or that he will go back to his first job, being a plumber.

No matter how you put it, you have to agree that there’s a lot of fun to be had and some exciting wins to be scored by betting on the most popular UFC fighter, Conor McGregor. And until we will be able to talk about an official match, these special bets are all we have to maintain the action.

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