Making money on sport with 1xBet

How to make money with 1XBet

Amazing cash back rewards and bigger deposit bonuses

There’s no doubt about it: betting is fun. There’s a definite thrill of excitement that comes with gambling. A rush of endorphins and a feeling of being fully alive! This feeling is heightened even further when joined by a big win though…

Betting provides us with a keener interest in sporting events and can also be motivation to brush up on our knowledge. It’s a unique opportunity to turn a small amount of money into a windfall. There is so much more information available to bettors today than in the past. Databases of information and statistics on past events can give us an edge that could turn out to be very profitable indeed.

 There’s never been more information at our fingertips and more ways to make money with that knowledge. People have been betting for thousands of years, but the digital age is the first time that bettors have the true possibility of making consistent profits. Increased competition has not only resulted in better odds but also more enticing special offer.

 There has been an explosion of online betting sites in recent years, but customers need to know that not all are legitimate and very few are of superior quality. It’s a definite case of “buyers beware” and we need to make sure we do our homework on any betting site that we choose. The internet is a massive repository of reviews and ratings, so you can start to narrow down your choices quickly. When looking to start your betting journey, it’s best to find a firm that not only provides players with great odds and rewards but is also well established, trusted and legal. None of these factors can be taken for granted – a flashy website could all be smoke and mirrors. To start, you need to find a betting site that is beyond reproach and is universally recognised as giving customers a fair chance to win. This is tougher than you'd expect and such betting firms are very rare indeed.

 One such firm is 1xBet, the world’s leading sportsbook. It’s a betting site that has earned a reputation of keeping customers happy. The cornerstone of this philosophy is simply to offer the best of everything. Founded in 2007, 1xBet was quickly recognised as a trendsetter within the industry. Gaining more and more satisfied customers and accolades each year, this innovative bookmaking firm has become a household name. As recent winners of the SBC “Rising Star in Sports Betting Award”, this status has been further cemented. 1XBet is held up as an example of what other betting firms should aspire to emulate. Countless new sites have tried to imitate but failed. It’s a model that is so customer-centric that it’s impossible to replicate.

 After a bit of research into sports betting sites, it becomes clear very early on that the buzz around 1xBet is definitely warranted. There are so many positive reasons to make 1xBet your premium betting destination, with the highlights being:

- Trusted, well established and fully legal: 1XBet is recognised as the global leader in sports betting. Being locally licenced in Kenya, it represents a superb opportunity for us to enjoy the worlds best. So often we are expected to make do with inferior sites, now we have access to the best in the world!

 - Widest range of markets at the best odds: There’s no doubt about either one of these factors – 1xBet has the most betting opportunities anywhere and they’re all at the best odds available. Whatever your sport of choice is you’ll find it – from the most popular such as soccer, basketball, rugby and cricket right down to every niche sport that you can think of. The best part is that many levels of each sport are offered – even club events! (Later on, we’ll chat about the special bets that don’t even involve sports and make the range of options truly astounding!)

A quick comparison of odds reveals the startling fact that the odds at 1xBet are incredibly superior. This means that you’re saving money with each bet when you bet at 1xBet because your stake would have to be higher at another site. Betting anywhere else is like paying more for an inferior product at the supermarket…

 -Incredible player rewards: No other reputable betting firm offers more special offers or bigger deposit bonuses. With a superb boost to your first deposit, the road to winning is so much easier. In fact, you’ll be winning before your first bet with a 200% bonus on your first deposit up to 100 USD. But the fun doesn't stop there because 1xBet is legendary for giving away mind boggling prizes such as supercars, overseas trips, tech gadgets and huge amounts of cash.

An amazing cash back rewards system is lucrative for players, whether they win or lose. Daily Jackpots serve up life-changing wins each and every day.

This is just a taste or the player rewards on offer at 1xBet. Unexpected surprises make the 1xBet journey even more joyful – and profitable. The most active players even get a present on their special day in the form of bonus points!

 - Fantastic customer support: So many betting sites take their clients for granted but at 1xBet, every customer is a V.I.P. No matter the size your bets, you’ll be treated with the respect that you deserve. With 24/7 support available in multiple languages, including English and Kiswahili, help is on hand via email, phone or live chat. Support staff is incredibly well trained and dedicated with the resolving of customer queries are a top priority, Finally, a betting site where the customer truly comes first!

(It’s also worth noting that the website is localized in over 50 languages)

 - Payments: It’s really annoying to have a big win only to have problems withdrawing. This is more commonplace than you would think, with many online betting firms keeping clients waiting after their windfalls. This unscrupulous tactic is no doubt done in the hopes that the player will gamble away their profits.

Unsurprisingly, 1xBet take a refreshingly different approach with all payments processed as swiftly as possible. In fact, they’ve got a specially designed payment algorithm which makes their system the fastest you’ll find anywhere. They’ve also got the widest range of deposit, withdrawal and currency choices (both fiat and crypto).  Airtel, azzyPay, ecoPayz, eLipa, Enterkassa, Mastercard, MyBuxE, Neteller, Perfect Money, SKRILL, Visa, Webmoney, M-PESA and many more options are available for funding your account and withdrawing your profits.

There’s no charge for withdrawing or depositing which is another big plus!

 Ok – so the choice of where to bet is easy, but how do you go about winning?

Well, it’s best to learn as much as you can about betting before you actually start. Knowledge is power and this definitely rings true in gambling. By learning the “ins and outs” of successful punters, you can tilt the odds in your favour and start profiting.

 Even the most successful people wagering today say that it’s a constant learning process and while some find winning easy, they are forever fine tuning their methods of selection. One thing they all agree on though is that statistics in sport are a fantastic way to enhance your winning chances. 1XBet actually gives their customers free access to this vital information. At the top of each betting market, you’ll see icons for statistics and log standings (if applicable). Not only that, but there is also an icon for odds movement – an invaluable tool which shows in graphic form where the majority of the money has come in the event.

 But, before we begin to make money, let’s brush up on basic knowledge of bets available to make ourselves more familiar with betting terminology:

 Single Bet: A bet on one particular outcome. The return on a single bet is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds of your selection. (e.g If you put $10 on Liverpool at 2-1 you will get back $30 – your original stake plus $20 profit.)

 Accumulator Bet: A bet consisting of several selections, each in unrelated events. The return on an accumulator is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds of all the accumulator selections. Remember, if one leg loses, the entire bet is lost. While this may sound risky, these bets are incredibly popular because the odds can be so high that a small bet can turn into a fortune. Some people have won millions by taking massive accumulators with many teams which end up “coming home” at stratospheric odds.

 System Bet: A bet consisting of several accumulators, each of equal size, on a chosen number of outcomes. These can be incredibly profitable but it's worth noting that the number of accumulators in a System bet can be a large amount – up to 924 as a maximum, with 12 being the maximum number of outcomes. This means that while potentially lucrative, there will have to be a staked amount on each accumulator, which can be costly if you don’t limit your stake. Payouts are calculated by adding up the returns of each accumulator within the bet.

 Advancebet: A great innovation – Advancebets are offered to customers based on the potential returns of unsettled bets. It’s a brilliant way of cashing in early if you've got another event you need to bet on. In your on the” Find Out” button in your account and then the “Available Advance Bet”, you will be shown your available amount. This is just one example of how 1xBet is renowned for innovation.

 Regular or long-term bet? : A regular bet is one that will be finalized in a short time (eg: a scheduled upcoming soccer match) and a long-term event is one that will take a significant period of time to conclude (eg Next seasons English Premier League winner). There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Short term bets will be over quickly while long terms betting involves a substantial wait. Long term bets can however offer more enticing odds and enable one to adjust their position during the year. (eg – If you backed Liverpool early in the Premier League, you could take a cover bet on another team if they are the only real danger.)

 Live Betting: Live betting is betting which is offered during the actual fixture as it unfolds. This is exciting but extremely volatile, with odds fluctuating with every movement in the game. For those eagle eye bettors, it’s a fantastic way to capitalise on recognizing the run of play early. It’s also a great way to hedge a position (eg- If you back a team cricket team that shortens dramatically during the game, you could then back the other team and be in a win-win situation!)

 Handicap: Handicap betting means that your selection either starts with a deficit( e.g: 1.5 goals) or a positive balance (e.g: +1.5 goals). It’s a clever way to level out betting when two teams aren’t equally matched. Statistics (Head to Head encounters specifically) could play a large part in winning big with these bets.

 Asian Total: A bet on the total score. Choose the spread in which you believe the total score will finish. A great tip here is that the weather could play a significant part in the result of this bet. Most of the time when it rains, games are more low scoring.

 Remember it’s primarily about enjoyment, so it’s best to bet on a sport that you love and have a keen interest in. As with everything in life, passion leads to profit! That way, by following the games, you’ll be picking up knowledge along the way and be able to make money. You’ll have to keep your emotions in check and learn to weigh up betting options objectively. For example, if your favourite soccer team is playing and you don’t think they can win, maybe you can find a nice exotic bet (such as high score) to cash in on. If you’re a big fan of a team you don’t necessarily have to ever bet against them, but you do need to examine all the betting possibilities and strike when you see a winning prospect!

 Now that you’re up to speed on betting terminology, it’s time to start your journey at 1xBet. Most betting sites make registration a frustrating process, but at 1xBet this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s been made simple and incredibly quick – there are no “hoops to jump through” or annoying waiting periods. Simply click on the green registration button and you’ll be given a few ways to provide some details about yourself (nothing complicated – just name and email or phone number). There’s even a “one-click” registration option that streamlines the process even further.

 Incredibly, you’ll be up and running in mere minutes. The next thing to do is to choose your payment method, fund your account and get your first deposit bonus! Try to make maximum use of the incredible offer and boost your balance before you begin to bet

You’ll be able to find all your favourite payment methods which are neatly laid out. Not only that, but step by step instructions for each are included. And of course, if you still have any problems, don’t forget that the support team is only a click away any time of day or night...

After you’ve successfully deposited, it’ll be time to select an event to bet on. Navigation on the site is simple, with easy to access menus that are extremely intuitive. At the top you’ll see these drop down menus – simply click on sport and choose your sport. You’ll find your event of choice in no time. Just remember: on each event there will be multiple ways to make money. Not only will there be a straight win on a soccer match for example, but there will also be goal spreads for the halves of the game and for the entire match. You’ll also find a ton of other exotic bets like the first goalscorer, the number of fouls, correct score, both teams to score or not and even how goals will be scored. Let’s use goals in both halves as an example:

You would scroll down and see the market clearly displayed. For the purposes of this example let’s say you think there will be goals scored in each half. You then click on your selection and place your intended stake (remember to size your bets according to your level of confidence).

 Now sit back and enjoy the action! It’s exhilarating when you win, and if you do, take a few moments to savour the feeling. Then, you may want to spend those profits right away. Home renovations? A present for a loved one? No problem!

 At the top of the screen, you will see “My Account” - click on this and a menu will appear which will include “Withdraw Funds”. Once selected, you’ll see a scroll down menu on the left with Bank Cards, E-Wallets, Mobile Payments, Cash, Payment Systems, Prepaid Cards and Cryptocurrency. If you're not sure which sector your intended withdrawal method falls under, just look on the right and you will see each category displayed with clear icons for every payment method. Simply choose your preference and you will be guided through the process with easy to understand instructions. Your withdrawal will be processed as fast as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be able to spend or save your profits in any way that you wish!

 For your next betting opportunity, you might want to look outside the realm of sports betting and toward the plenty of other betting options 1xBet has to offer. These special bets are ways to cash in on any knowledge you have in different sectors such as entertainment, politics and social media. Scroll down the menu on the left and choose what tickles your fancy. If it’s politics you’ll find betting on every major election worldwide, together with many other political scenarios to wager on. As far as entertainment goes, if you click on Tv-Games, not only will you find betting on reality shows worldwide, but also amazingly enough on some favourite dramatic shows! Want to have a bet on who will be seated on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones or who will die next in the Walking Dead? It’s all there and more. If you’ve watched particular movies or Tv shows that have impressed, you’ll be able to punt them to win major awards! Under Special Bets you’ll also find not only betting on currencies and major events but also things like “Who will finish the year with the most twitter followers.”

These are all ways that we can take everyday knowledge and turn it into profit. Spotting an Instagram post of a pregnant celebrity could tip you off as to their name choice for their upcoming baby – believe it or not, there could be betting on that! One of the most popular markets has been the name of Kim and Kanye’s fourth child.

A glance at an entertainment magazine could provide a clue as to who will succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond – another popular market. The ways to win are all around us and all we have to do is pay attention to capitalise.

 Making the most of your experience means looking around 1xBet. Make sure you click on the “Promo” button up top. Here you’ll find the countless ways in which 1xBet rewards their players. There's no doubt that you’ll find ways to cash in simply by betting on events or games that you love. Making full use of these promotions is an excellent way to score surprise gifts and massive extra wins.

To bet or not to bet, that is the question...

Well, if you decide to make some more money by betting online, make sure you do it responsibly and with the best firm that you could hope for – 1xBet. Once you’re betting with the best, your chances of showing a profit automatically increase exponentially! So, begin your journey with 1xBet today and become a part of this global phenomenon. There’s never been a better time to profit that this instant!


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