Fitness queen Jane Mukami adds weight, then loses it all again in just 65 days

She was stress eating after the loss of her brother.

Jane Muakami's sexy new look.

Yup, you read right.

Right after laying her brother to rest, Jane took to her Instagram to share just how much weight she had added due to stress eating. In her post, one 5am, she was starting resetting her fitness lifestyle to its former glory after the gain the extra puffiness as she calls it.

Now 65 days, later, Jane who is arguable one of the top fitness guru’s on the country and a force recognize globally in the fitness world, posted a before and after picture and my, doesn’t she look stunning.

How did she do it?

10 weeks of training has left the fitness lass looking gorgeous with her new banging body. Is it because she’s a fitness instructor? Maybe but in one of her post she credits it to self-determination and explains just how she dropped one of the best instructors in the world because she wasn’t ready.

She said, “After my workout I was chatting with my old friend Charles aka Hollywood - one of the best celebrity trainers out here.

Hollywood was my personal trainer back in 2009 when I was trying to figure out this fitness thing. I stopped working out with him after only 2 Months back then because I thought he was 'crazy'. The things he was asking me to do didn't make sense. For example: I thought his restrictive meal plan was extreme plus he asked me to work out twice a day - strength training in the morning and cardio in the evening!! A year later when I hit rock bottom and was desperate to do whatever it took I hooked up with another amazing trainer (roc shabbazz) whose methods were similar to Hollywood... this time I succeeded. I succeeded because I was READY TO DO WHAT IT TOOK!

Fitness requires mental readiness for it to stick. I quit on Hollywood, the problem was my unwillingness to change not his methods. He is great at what he does and commands the attention of A list celebrity clientele in the A and around the country.

He still looks amazing at 56 years old turning 57 this year!! Fit is the new sexy.

Moral of the story: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear....As Les Brown Would Say - "You gotta be HUNGRY!!"

Have you been struggling with weight loss? What's your excuse?


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