Uhuru personally calls Gideon Moi and pleads with him not to join NASA

President Uhuru Kenyatta personally telephoned Kanu leader Gideon Moi and urged him not to join the National Super Alliance.


Please don’t join Nasa Uhuru has personally pleaded with Gideon Moi.

Providing the latest and strongest signal, Jubilee Party is uneasy with the alliance that hopes to replicate the National Railbow Coalition (NARC) victory which effectively ended Moi’s 24 years grip of power.

The President, according to a source in the Moi family, last week urged the Baringo senator to back his own reelection next year and lead KANU back to Jubilee.

Details of Moi's response were not disclosed. However, Uhuru's appeal is said to have informed Gideon's decision to back away from his offer to enter into a deal with Mudavadi.

Last week Gideon Moi came out and announced KANU was not interested in joining any coalition at the moment clearly backing away from the national super alliance spearheaded by ANC leader, Musalia Mudavadi.

Uhuru and Gideon share a longstanding political history, retired President Daniel Moi was mentored by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya and Moi returned the favor by becoming Uhuru's political godfather. Plucking him from the corporate world and thrusting him into politics in 2002.

according to the Star, Uhuru told Moi that "his interests and those of his family were well taken care off in Jubilee, and not in NASA."

The team crafting the Super Alliance had proposed a constitution change and create two Deputy Presidents post in their new government should they win and reserved one of them for Gideon Moi.

By elevating Moi to the DP's position,he will enjoy similar status to Deputy President William Ruto. Thus, NASA hopes to get votes in Baringo, Bomet and other parts of South Rift.

Senator Moi after the phone call said his party had an existing pact with Jubilee, which they signed after the 2013 general election, and would honor it until it elapses.

"Kanu respects its obligations and until the expiry of the agreement, we are not in a hurry to get into another political agreement. As far as I am concerned, Kanu will honour the existing pact for now." He was speaking in Mombasa during public hearings on the Local Content Bill.

"We have not entered a new coalition," The Baringo senator said.

The main contention about NASA and Jubilee is the apparent clash between Gideon Moi and William Ruto. Both leaders harbor presidential ambitions and want to be Riftvalley kingpins.

Ruto has declared he wants to take over after Uhuru in 2022, and rule for ten years until 2032, by that factor alone there is no room for Gideon Moi in Jubilee, and there is no way he can take over after Ruto in 2032.

Gideon moi is now 53 years old, add five years of Uhuru presidency and then let’s assume Ruto takes over and rules for another ten years, now add 16 years to Gideon’s age the guy will be 69 years old before he evens says president.

The only way Gideon has a chance of presidency, is if Jubilee plans to kick out Ruto after 2017 and that may be what Uhuru called Gideon to personally tell him.


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