Vera Sidika today spilled all the tea on her sexual history with Otile Brown.

She disclosed that Otile Brown’s manhood was small, doesn’t engage in foreplay action like kissing, caressing or cunnilingus he would just penetrate her whenever he got hard.

A situation that forced her to teach him how to make love. “I was the one even teaching him how to f**k & still never got it, It was a topic of discussion from time to time,” Vera wrote.

To prove her claims she shared some screen shots of their Whatsapp conversations:

Vera mentioned that at some point she was forced to masturbate next to him while he lay next to her as she was left high and dry.

Vera revealed that she was forced to make this revelation as people believe that it was Otile’s D Game that made her sing.

“I have a kind request may you please stop claiming that O.B’s mjulubeng (d*ck) made me sing. First of all, it’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. (If you think I’m lying ask the girls he’s fu*ked before).”

She went on to add that the size doesn’t matter it's skills that do. “Size doesn’t matter to me the game does…If you didn’t make love to her; kiss, touch or even lick p***y. After the breakup she might get someone that does all that and it will be very easy for her to move on fast fast. Coz who wants to go back to bad sex.”

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Vera exposes Yommy

This is not the first time Vera has embarrassed an ex on social media over their bedroom skills and their mjulubengs. Last year, Vera disclosed that her Nigerian ex Yommy Johnson had a ‘kibamia’ (small penis).

“Most Nigerians have big di**s, nice and thick and most of them know how to use it. Well I know this coz for the past 8 years I only dated Naija men. But when you find one with a microscopic D**k! It's tiny, it tickles, they don’t know how to use it and cums in 0.5 seconds!” She wrote in regards to her experience with Yommy.

The socialite then went on to reveal that breaking up with a dude with a small cassava is hectic business. “Small d**k ni**ers never like being dumped ooh! He will get stuck on you like glue. He cannot imagine anyone else managing his microscopic d**k and still be sexy, good in bed, independent, successful. And popular. So they run their mouths once you dump them four months later.”

“I can never marry a n**er with a tiny d**k. I can manage it for a few months if we date but I’m never settling down with a kibamia,” she vowed.