Popular news anchor and 10 over 10 host, Willis Raburu has been on the receiving end of KOT’s ridicule over weight issues.

But while the newly wed anchor often shows indifference to the comments, he’s put much dedication into his gym work.

This is quite evident from the various photos on his social media account hanging out with top Kenyan personal trainer Evelyn Akinyi.

Now, Willis has finally explained why he’s been breaking his back at the gym. Taking it to his Instagram account the 10/10 co-host posted a video showing just how far he has come in his fitness journey. To him, the results have been inspiring enough to make his put the extra time effort.

And he means business.

While we can’t truly put a figure to his gains (or loses) it’s no secret that Raburu is indeed a lighter man.

Check these out.

Willis is not the only celebrity who has signed up for the fit lifestyle. Top actor Gerald Langiri, K24’s  Kalekye Mumo, Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai and Maybelline Ambassador Muthoni Njomba have also been on a journey to serious weight loss.

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