Nairobi 9 totally fun things you can do in Nairobi for less than $9

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There are lots of affordable places in Nairobi where one can have fun within their means.

play One can indulge in Ice skating in Nairobi. (epokaer)

Kenya’s capital is one of the most expensive cities in the Continent.

Nairobi is the fourth most expensive city to live in Africa, according to Expatistan, an online cost of living calculator which measures the cost of living index prepared for various cities across the world.

However, In terms of accommodation and meals, Nairobi leads Africa.

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Expatistan found out that Nairobi has the most expensive furnished accommodation and fast food restaurant combo meals in Africa.

With such dampening statistics one may therefore think everything is out of reach in the ‘city under the sun’ quite contrary.


There are lots of affordable places in Nairobi where one can have fun for as low as Sh150 ($5).

Here are just a few.

#1. Mini Golf at the Hub

play Mini Golf at the Hub (Outsideblack)


You can enjoy a game of mini golf at The Hub Karen outside the Funscapes Arcade for just Sh500 ($5) per person.

#2.  Solar Ice Rink at Panari

play ice skating at Panari. (Panari Hotels)


The Solar Ice Rink at Panari is the only one of its kind in East and Central Africa. It measures 32 × 12 meters with an ice skating surface area of 15,000 square feet. It is totally enclosed with ice temperature at -25oC and the air temperature inside the hall is 12oC.

Skating chargers are very low i.e. Sh700 ($7) for children up to 14 years and Sh900 ($9) for all ages groups 15 years and older per 60 minutes inclusive of the skating boots. 

#3. Diguna High Ropes Challenge in Rongai

play Diguna High Ropes Challenge in Rongai (AllEvents)


Located at the Rongai at AIC Diguna, the Diguna High Ropes Challenge involves treading on a series of high ropes that you must complete.

And for all the fun all one needs to part with is just Sh150 ($1.5).

#4. Sight-seeing at the KICC Building

play KICC Rooftop (Flickr)


The ‘City in the sun’ boosts of one of the most iconic and beautiful skyline in the continent.


One can take in this breathtaking view at the rooftop of Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) for just Sh200 ($2).

#5. Nairobi National Park

play Nairobi National Park, Kenya (youtube)

Nairobi City is the only city in the world situated next to a national park and boosts of a wide range of Wild Animals including Lions, Buffaloes, Antelopes to mention but just a few.

One can sample flora and fauna at Park after paying Sh430 while non-residents will pay $43 (Sh4,300) down from $50 (Sh5,000). 

#6. Nairobi National Museums

play Nairobi National Museum. (museums)


Located at the Museum Hill, approximately 10 minutes’ drive from the Nairobi city centre, Nairobi National Museums offers a one stop for visitors to sample the country’s rich heritage both for education and leisure. 

Built in 1929, this is the flagship museum for the National Museums of Kenya, housing celebrated collections of Kenya’s History, Nature, Culture and Contemporary Art.

Adults pay Sh200 ($2), residents Sh600 ($6) and non-residents Sh1200 ($12).

#7. Laser Tag at ABC Place Westlands

play Laser Tag at ABC Place Westlands (amusementrc)

For just Sh500 ($5) as an individual and Sh400 ($4) if you’re with a group,  one can engage in a game of laser tag at ABC place.

#8. Petting Elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

play Baby Elephants paly football at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (beautifulnow)


Located along Magadi Rd, the entry fee is Sh500 ($5) and one gets to feed and pet baby elephants

Should you want to make it a regular fun and a noble activity, one can easily adopt a baby orphaned Elephant or a Rhino for as low as Sh5000 ($50) annually.

#9. Zip lining at The Dam Redhill Limuru

play The Dam RedHill (Yululate)


Located  just 15 kilometers from the CBD, The Dam Redhill Limuru is a beautiful serene place where you can boat ride, bike ride, eat at a floating restaurant, and even funner, zip line.

They have a line that passes through across a dam providing a great view and adrenaline filled thrilling experience for just Sh500 ($5) per person.