Cooking Kenyans are shunning cooking pans for hot thermos flasks to cook sumptuous meals and they are loving it

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After trying out the new cooking method, Kenyans have taken to one of Kenya’s most popular Facebook group pages to share their experience.

play A chicken after being cooked inside a thermos flask. (courtesy)

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and it seems there is no stopping Kenyans when it comes to trying out new ideas especially when it comes to kitchen matters.

Kenyans have in recent times embrace a new cooking method that has literary changed how an ordinary looking thermos flask is perceived and cooking is done.

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More and more Kenyans are cooking with Thermos flasks as they move to save time, cost and energy.

The high living standards, charcoal ban and costly gas have left Kenyans with no option but to try the new method that is the latest craze in town.

Others are just like cats and can’t resist curiosity.

play Another user sold to the thermos cooking method shares his experience on Facebook. (facebook)


After trying out the new cooking method, Kenyans have taken to one of Kenya’s most popular Facebook group pages to share their experiences.

Let’s cook Kenyan meals facebook group was founded in 2013 by Pamella Oduor and has more than one million members.

 “A lot of Kenyans a have embraced the method especially bachelors and people who generally don’t have time for cooking or afford gas and charcoal, it cooks food like you would have put it in an ordinary cooking pan, it uses the same cooking formula as a basket cooker which uses retained heat to cook the food” said Pamellah.


On the other hand there is a group of skeptical Kenyans who are wary about trying the new method with many citing health reasons.

The equation goes something like this: boil water + add dried ingredients in thermos x a few hours = hot and healthy meal.

And as it turns out, the time required is just about equal to the typical stretch between morning prep to lunch break.

play A thermos flask user shares the results o Facebook. (facebook)


One of the advantages of Thermos bottle cookery is that it is portable and doesn't require electricity.

This makes it ideal for use when camping or just to prepare steel-cut oatmeal before you leave for your commute and having a hot breakfast when you arrive at work.

Unlike also standing over a cooking pan and keep stirring every now and then to ensure your cereals don't get burnt, thermos cooking use hot water and its heat retention properties to cook these whole grains overnight while you sleep saving you time and effort.


One doesn’t also need to worry about the open flame which if left unattended can easily cause fire.

Business Insider SSA spoke to Dr. Betty Okere, a nutrionist based in Nairobi to get his opinion on Thermos cooking.

“We have been using Thermos Flasks for a very long time to keep our food hot so if now Kenyans are using it to cook and if it makes their lives easy and it makes them eat healthy then why not just take caution to ensure the food is properly cooked like beans to ensure one doesn’t get gas related issues and things like that and I also wouldn’t advice the same for cooking baby food for adults yes but for baby food not really.”

Thermos cooking is not necessary new and has been around for a while and the whole health hullabaloo wouldn’t go away any time soon, what is clear though is that what is keeping some Kenyans from trying the method has more to do with attitudes than health concerns.

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