• Volkswagen unveiled a restored, battery-powered version of its classic Microbus it's called the e-Bulli, and it's the perfect marriage of old-school looks and modern tech.
  • It has double the torque and horsepower of the original 1966 bus on which it's based, a claimed top speed of 80 mph, and a range of at least 124 miles.
  • Plus, the e-Bulli was meticulously restored and sports leather upholstery, wood flooring, LED lights, and a fresh coat of paint.
  • This isn't just a one-off concept, and European VW fans can order an e-Bulli of their own from conversion company eClassics for a starting price of $71,000, minus the bus.
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Volkswagen has ambitious plans for future electric vehicles , but that's not stopping the company from adding a jolt of electric power to some of the most deserving members of its historic catalog.

One of those members is the famous 1960s-era Microbus, which Volkswagen just unveiled in its new, fully electric form: the e-Bulli .

The e-Bulli is equal parts new-age EV and nostalgia-inducing Microbus, courtesy of a new conversion kit from the automaker. To create the e-Bulli, Volkswagen collaborated with eClassics , a tuning company that specializes in upgrading vintage vehicles with electric motors and snazzy new components.

For the EV conversion, eClassics took a 1966 Volkswagen Samba Bus and overhauled it with Volkswagen's latest electric powertrain, essentially doubling the original bus' horsepower and torque in the process. Plus, the vehicle's interior has been revamped with leather upholstery and new tech, while the exterior gets a pair of LED headlights and a fresh, two-tone paint job.

Volkswagen plans to revive the Microbus as an all-electric model in 2022 , but any newfangled bus likely won't have quite the same charm and character as the original, mid-century van on which it's based. That makes the e-Bulli the best of both worlds.

Fortunately, Volkswagen fans ones in Europe, at least who feel the same way can get their own bus straight from eClassics, which is pricing its full conversion at roughly $71,000 at current exchange rates. There are also other options and prices on its website .

The conversion isn't cheap, but at this point in development, good EVs rarely are .Learn more about the retro-futuristic e-Bulli below:

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