Nyama Nyama Burger We tried KFC Kenya's latest burger and are not too impressed

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The Nyama Nyama Burger from KFC Kenya is not unique

KFC have always excelled at finding new ways of making chicken taste better so we were pretty excited when he heard about the latest addition to their menu, the Nyama Nyama Burger.

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"Nyama" is a Kiswahili word meaning meat so a double "Nyama" should describe you need to know about what KFC set out to do with this burger. Meat in abandonment .

For starters the take home package is pretty impressive and kind of succeeds in whetting the appetite. Sadly that is as good as it gets with this project.

There was no difficulty in understanding the concept of the "burger"  without a bun with this one considering the huge lettering on the package that give you this piece of information. That notwithstanding it did very little to reduce the sense of disappointment .

People are actually conservative when it comes down to a burger. There must be a bun.

The "bun"  itself is two pieces of filleted chicken,plain mayonnaise and an onion ring in the middle. As plain as that.

play The packaging aside,the Nyama Burger is not that memorable (BI SSA)


Suffice to say the chicken does not taste any different from anything that is already available on KFC's current menu. You are basically having your usual chili KFC in a different shape for a little less (KES 590) than a regular 3 piece chicken KFC pack.

We passed the "Burger" around the office and the disapproval was unanimous. Very few could actually get past not having a bun in a burger. It ruined the experience. The absence of a unique look or taste for the double "Nyama" is cannot be forgiven in this endeavour

play Come on KFC! (BI SSA)

We love KFC and all but this attempt does not need to stay on the menu for long. It is not that memorable.

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