• British people would vote to remain in the EU if a second referendum were held today, according to a new poll.
  • Among decided voters, remaining in the EU now has a 12-point lead.
  • Demands for a second vote have been growing in recent weeks.
  • However, the poll finds little public enthusiasm for another vote.

LONDON — British people would vote to scrap Brexit and remain in the EU if a second referendum were held today.

Support for scrapping Brexit now has a 10-point lead with almost one-in-five Brexit voters now saying they would vote to remain inside the EU instead, according to a new poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

Some 45% of all voters would now vote to remain in the EU, with 35% opposed and 20% unsure. Among all decided voters, Remain now has a 12 point lead of 56% to 44%.

The shift has come from those who voted Brexit in 2016, almost one-in-five of whom now say they would vote to Remain in the EU instead.

The findings come as demands for a second referendum have grown, with even the prominent Leave campaigner and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, saying last week that he was moving towards backing holding another vote.

However, the public still remains largely opposed to the idea of another poll. Overall, 51% are opposed to a second referendum and just 38% are in favour.

However, these positions switched when respondents were asked whether they would support another vote if May fails to get a Brexit deal with the EU.

In these circumstances, 39% would back a second referendum as opposed to 31% who would oppose one.