Kenyan motorists to be jailed for driving above 50km/h

Motorists will be fined Sh30,000 or jailed for at least two months.

Kenyan motorists could now face jail terms and hefty fines for driving above 50 km/h if President Uhuru Kenyatta agrees to a Bill adopted on Wednesday by Parliament.

The Traffic (Amendment) Bill, 2016, will see motorists fined between Sh30, 000 or jailed for up to two months if they drive above the speed limit near school grounds and playgrounds.

MP’s on Tuesday passed through the 3 reading (final stage) of the Bill which also requires vehicles transporting children, especially school buses, be fitted with child safety equipment and features.

Moreover, school buses will have to be painted yellow and barred from operating between 10pm and 5am.

“Even drunkards will now be able to identify a school bus from a distance owing to its bright colors and slow down,” said Laisamis MP Joseph Lekuton, the legislator behind the Bill.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) is expected to erect traffic signs alerting motorists of the speed limit around institutions or areas accessed by children.

The signs will be expected to notify motorists where such zones begin and end, and will be supplemented by speed bumps, rumble strips and traffic circles on any road that cuts through the designated zones.

Also, if the President passes the Bill, KENHA will have to construct safety features such as pavements, cycle tracks, underpasses and footbridges in areas within the vicinity of schools and hospitals.

Obstruction of the road that blocks children from viewing oncoming traffic will also be liable for punishment under the proposed laws.


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