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Air Tanzania and Kenya Airways initiate a new partnership

Air Tanzania
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) and Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) are in talks for a potential cargo transportation collaboration. 
  • With the arrival of ATCL's first cargo plane, a 54-ton Boeing 767-300 freighter, the two airlines aim to increase value and reduce operating costs by utilizing their available freight, equipment, and expertise effectively. 
  • The collaboration between KQ and ATCL is expected to create commercial opportunities and meet the demands of the global market for cargo transportation, including perishable commodities, general

Top representatives from Kenya Airways (KQ) and Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) have met to discuss the prospect of a cargo transportation collaboration. This report is courtesy of The Citizen Tanzania, a Tanzanian news agency.

This news comes as ATCL anticipates receiving its first 54-ton Boeing 767-300 freighter before the end of this month. In a statement made public by ATCL yesterday, KQ Group managing director Allan Kilavuka, who recently visited Tanzania, suggested that the two airlines may work together in various capacities.

“Soon Tanzania will receive its first ever cargo plane, which we expect will help in addressing cargo transportation challenges, especially at large volumes,” he said.

“From the available freight, equipment, and expertise, if used properly, we will increase the value and reduce the operating costs of both ATCL and KQ. The presence of the Boeing 787-8 (Dreamliner) and the arrival of the Boeing 767-300F cargo plane open up more commercial opportunities,” said Mr Kilavuka.


The managing director of ATCL, Mr. Ladislaus Matindi, claims that during Mr. Kilavuka's visit, they conducted a meeting where they discussed the matters that would contribute to the development of the two airlines and their nations, taking into account the significant demands of the global market.

He added that the exchange of knowledge and the delivery of hands-on training without the assistance of other nations are two areas where cooperation is aimed to improve operational effectiveness.

“The African market alone is very large and requires cooperation to exploit it, especially the service of transporting passengers and cargo,” said Mr Matindi.

“We also talked about getting practical training, which now necessitates sending experts to nations throughout Europe for two or three days of training. If this education can be found in the neighboring countries, it will be better to raise the capacity of the two companies and bring more productivity to the society around them,” he added.

He claims that the anticipated cargo jet will arrive on schedule since demand is only going to increase as trade and commercial activity increase.


In addition to perishable commodities, general cargo services, chicks and fish, pharmaceutical services, newspapers and magazines, precious cargo, express packages, postal and courier services, hazardous objects, and human remains are all anticipated to be carried from Tanzania.



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