List of celebrities who have been victims of hacking

Here they are;

List of celebrities who have been victims of hacking

In this day and age, Social media has become a very lucrative business especially to those with a huge following. Celebrities are privileged to have millions of followers since people have their noses poked in their lives, wanting to know every move they make and their lifestyle.

Big numbers on social media help them get endorsements and advertising, something that generates them lots of money.

When such accounts are hacked, celebrities are usually left in deep losses and mourning.

Pulse Live did a routine checkup and came up with a list of celebrities who have been victims of hacking.

South Africa based Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan, is one of the victims of this malicious act.

Last year in September, her Instagram account was hacked amidst her daughter’s birthday celebration, at 4.2 million followers. The hackers changed Zari’s bio and added a link demanding Sh400, 0000 to give back her account.

The hacker went ahead to share photos of Hamisa Mobetto and her daughter and those of her estranged baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz. They also uploaded pornographic images, which were later on deleted.

In 2017, the socialite’s Instagram account was hacked at 640,000 followers. The bootylicious entrepreneur blamed her ex-Nigerian lover Yommy Johnson, for hacking the account saying he was an evil and selfish guy who was jealous of her money.

The hacker deleted all her photos and kept changing the user name every few hours.

In January last year, DJ Pierra Makena’s Instagram account was hacked by a Tanzanian hacker who changed the username and started using the account to fraud people.

Comedian Anne Kansiime’s Instagram account was hacked in 2018 with over 250,000 followers. The comedian who was very shocked and stressed about the issue had to open a new account which she uses, up to date.

Ladasha wambo, the daughter to DJ Mo and size 8, has also been a victim of hacking. Ladasha’s Instagram account was hacked at 300k followers. it was later been regained.

Terrence Creative’s wife, Milly Chebby also fell a victim of hacking after her Instagram account was hacked at 60k followers. She however, managed to retrieve it back.

Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) Reverend Kathy Kiuna, lost her Facebook account to hackers in August.

It’s not clear whether she has been able to recover her Facebook Account.

Tanzanian’s actress and Model Wema Sepetu, lost her Instagram account at 3.3 Million followers to unknown people last year in 2018. The Tanzanian sweetheart took to Snapchat to announce that her Instagram account had been hacked. She revealed the unfortunate incident happened after her Phone number was hacked.

The Keroche breweries heiress, lost her Instagram account to hackers at 500k followers. She later recovered her account with the help of video director J blessing and socialite Vera Sidika. The sassy diva is known to flaunt her flashy lifestyle and travels on Instagram.

Shaffie Weru’s Gmail, Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked by Prosper Chirumbwa in 2016. He went ahead to demand Sh40,000 to recover his accounts.

Hello, I am Jura. I have your accounts (Gmail, Instagram and Facebook). It is now apparent that unfortunately, your tech team can’t help you out on this. Fortunately for you, I still have your account and I am willing to trade (if you are willing as well that is)” said Prosper who was using an unregistered number.

Shaffie reported the matter to forensic experts who helped him recover his accounts.

In April last year, Jimmy Gait’s accounts were hacked by merciless people who deleted all his pictures. The gospel singer had over 46k followers at that time. The hacker also made his account private.

His Facebook page. was also deactivated.

Paul Makonda also known as RC Makonda is the regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam whose Instagram account was hacked at 1 Million followers. He later on created a new account, which he is still using.


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