Actress Catherine Kamau opens up on struggles of getting a baby after two years in Marriage

 The two got married in 2017

Actress Catherine Kamau opens up on struggles of getting a baby after two years in Marriage

Actress Catherine Kamau and Hubby Phillip Karanja have talked about the struggles they went through in the quest to get a baby, after two years of marriage.

In a 13 minutes video shared on YouTube, the love birds who are expecting their first child mentioned that they thought getting pregnant in marriage was an easy task until it happened to them.

“As you all know we are expecting a child and we are very very excited, its been a long time for me its 13 years later. And I know you guys were wondering what’s going on? Does she have a problem? Or what is it? You know when you are just doing it happens, but when you want one, But I was confident I could get one because I already have one"

I wanted one before the wedding

"I remember I really wanted one even before our wedding, I was in a rush to get one but being the planner he is we delayed mpaka I was like me I’m good. Now the trying period is something else and I’m the most impatient person so I kept on wondering, so kukurukakara zikihappen ndiyo huyo mimi kesho nishapima. And kept on getting disappointed to a point I was feeling like, I don’t want to try any more. When you really want one that’s when it doesn’t happen and I went to the doctor, I didn’t have a problem it was just anxiety” said Catherine Kamau.

Did you have any psychological issues like me? Phillip Asked.

Depressed and stressed

“Of course, because I got mine at 19, and it was such a turnaround for me, I was depressed, stressed, had given up, so I think I was traumatized and I really didn’t know how that experience affected me. Because we were all alone. At some point I kept avoiding like the whole year, we were ready but I kept running, but slowly I got over it and here we are now pregnant," added Mrs Karanja.

The couple went on to advice youths looking forward to starting a family saying;

“You have to be on the same page, Iron out things before you decided to have babies. And make sure you are well financially because babies are very expensive. Don’t get pregnant now, there will be time”.

On the other hand Phillip said;

“I don’t think that I ever suspected that we have any issue, but I absolutely love and adore babies. And recently with this one I discovered, kumbe getting a baby is not just Pap! Like magic happens. Kumbe Kupata Mtoto ni more psychological and I didn’t know how my background really affected how long we had to wait to get a baby. You know for me I have always said before starting a family I have to make sure kila kitu is in place”



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