Self-proclaimed President of Single Mother’s Akothee has called out artists to be more respectful and discipline if they want to have a successful career.

In Post seen by, the Abebo hit-maker pointed out that, some artists get drunk with fame upon gaining a few followers on social media and YouTube views.

She cautioned that any artiste who is not well-behaved should not try to contact her, because things will turn out ugly.

Akothee (Instagram) Akothee (Instagram)


“Some artists are disrespectful, indiscipline, ungreatful , egocentric and stupid, there is no amount of fame that can earn you respect if you lose the essence of conducting yourself in some manner ! with people you were dying to meet or seek help from, the worst artists to work with are hungry upcoming and the fallen hero's , with one hit song of 19000 you think you own the world , please if you are an artist without behavior or discipline, dont even try to contact me, I will insult you! expose your dirty misplaced behaviors in public , so stay in your lane , otherwise grow slowly or die alone , enough of rubbish, people have been in the industry before you," wrote Akothee.

She further advised that every artist should exercise self-respect and be willing to work on their characters.

Akothee with Diamond Platnumz Akothee with Diamond Platnumz


“And all you do all day long is to complain about people making it , who is holding you back though ? Its none other than your character, call yourself for a meeting pris, and you wonder why I don’t do rondom collabos , it’s because I don’t take shit , I did major collabos with diamond and flavor when I was an upcoming , I dint bother them neither force friendship or even ask where their homes are, thats called SELF RESPECT” Added Akothee.

In December 2018, Akothee was on the spot lecturing Kenyan musicians for scooping too low when it comes to payment for their services at shows/events.

Akothee turns a year older (Instagram) Akothee turns a year older (Instagram)

She said, musicians were complaining how they were mistreated by promoters yet they were the ones who started taking pocket change in the first place.

“It’s Sad that some top Kenyan artiste collect between 100 to 150k for a show and always available as curtain raisers for International acts who smile all the way to the bank. Hawa wasanii huwa wanakunywa nini lakini.

Akothee and her daughters (Instagram) Akothee and her daughters (Instagram)

“Promoters what is wrong with you, why do you you will mistreat Kenyan artistes and give all the maximum respect artiste from outside, I won’t even call them International Artiste Because we are also International, so don’t expect to treat me a local if you can’t afford me don’t even ring that phone because I will embarrass you. And Kenyans artiste its high time you starts to stop collecting this pocket change just for people to see that its happening, when you pockets are running dry” said Akothee.