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4 proven ways to make money as an influencer: Lessons by Just Ivy Africa

By following these tips and strategies, Just Ivy Africa believes that anyone can turn their passion for influencing into a profitable career.

Just Ivy Africa during the 2022 Pulse Influencer Awards

Just Ivy Africa is a force to be reckoned with. As an award-winning influencer, she has built a reputation for being ambitious, smart, bold, authentic and driven.

She started her journey with a small following but over time, she has grown her subscription base to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people.

Speaking during an interview at Pulse Kenya, Ivy said she found her individual voice and ran with it in the niche of personal finance and business finance.


Ivy began her journey by realizing that money conversations are normally very drab and boring, and they make people not want to learn about them.

The businesswoman also realized that money conversations, especially when it comes to women, are very taboo and people are not allowed to talk about them.

She spent a lot of time on Instagram, but she was not getting any value back from it, so she decided to take these topics that were not being heard on a lifestyle platform and turn her Instagram page into an online learning centre.

Ivy said that she started learning more about personal finance and while she learned, she was taking her audience with her.


In essence, Just Ivy Africa is an inspiring figure who has transformed how people, especially young Africans, and women think about money, finances, and their businesses.

The influencer has also transformed how people think about themselves and is a strong advocate for breaking the taboo around money conversations for women.

She also leverages her platform to educate and empower her audience to take control of their own financial futures.

Just Ivy Africa is not just an influencer, she is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman who won the Most Innovative Influencer of the Year and Business Influencer of the Year awards in the Pulse Influencer Awards held at Movenpick Hotel on October 15, 2022.


First thing I did after winning the awards is change my bio, the second was increasing my rate card because I am an award winner now,” she said, adding that the two wins were a confirmation that she was on the right path.

She also shared many tips and strategies on how to make money as an influencer on her social media platforms. Some of her most popular tips include:

Ivy said influencer should find ways monetize their content through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and collaborations with brands.

This can be a great way to make money while also staying true to your brand and audience.


My first partnership came through Over 25, it was a cab company and I got that work by simply getting into a cab seeing that I am in a cab and tagging them. It is not rocket science and you don’t have to overthink this industry. Do you and at the end of the day there are people watching,” she said.

Ivy encouraged influencers to network and collaborate with other influencers and brands.

Because this can lead to new opportunities and can help to expand your reach and audience.


Ivy emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself and your brand.

This can include things like hiring a professional photographer or videographer, investing in equipment, and taking courses to improve your skills.

Ivy stressed the importance of being authentic and true to yourself.


She believes that people can sense when someone is not being genuine and that authenticity is key to building trust and a loyal audience.

By following these tips and strategies, Just Ivy Africa believes that anyone can turn their passion for influencing into a profitable career.

She is dedicated to helping others learn how to make money as an influencer and is constantly sharing her own experiences and insights with her audience.


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