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Married where she belongs - Kenyans react to couple's Nairobi CBD wedding

Kenyan couple weds in white ceremony at Archives Ground in Nairobi

A couple, Angie Chege and Sanja Nyamwega ties the knot on the streets of Nairobi ( Angie Chege Instagram)

When we think about weddings, our minds often paint pictures of grand halls, beautiful churches, or serene outdoor settings with all the trimmings of a fairy-tale ceremony.

But what if a couple decided to step out of this traditional frame and tie the knot in the most unexpected of places – right in the heart of Nairobi's bustling Central Business District (CBD)?

Well, that's exactly what a daring couple did, and their unique choice of wedding venue has sparked a mix of shock, admiration, and joy across Kenya.


In a captivating video that has quickly spread like wildfire across social media platforms, a man and a woman identified as Sanja Nyamwega and Angie Chege are seen exchanging vows on the streets, specifically at the Archives in Nairobi CBD.

This extraordinary event, captured in an undated video, showcases the couple, whose names remain undisclosed, embarking on their journey of love surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

The bride, radiant in a traditional white gown and veil, and the groom, dressed smartly in black trousers and a white shirt, stood out against the backdrop of daily city life, creating a moment of pure magic amidst the ordinary.


The ceremony was led by a pastor, whose voice can be heard in the background, encouraging bystanders not to be surprised by the scene unfolding before them.

He highlighted how people are accustomed to conventional church or hotel weddings, with all the elements that society has deemed necessary for such an occasion.

However, this couple chose to defy norms and celebrate their love in a manner true to their hearts – on the streets of Nairobi, with the city's everyday hustle and bustle acting as their witnesses.

“Mnadhani hii ni sarakasi, mnadhani hii ni mazaha. This is a real wedding. The only difference is that mumezoea harusi za kanisa, harusi za hoteli, lakini hamjawahi ona za streets. This is the first time in history at Archives grounds, for a wedding to be done in this place. So we give glory to God," he said.


His words not only affirmed the authenticity of the ceremony but also celebrated the couple's choice to break away from the conventional, marking a historic moment at the Archives grounds.

As the pastor prayed for the newlyweds and their future together, the video continued to capture the hearts and minds of Kenyans nationwide.


Reactions on social media were divided, with some questioning the reality of the event, while others extended their congratulations to the couple for their bravery and love.

The event has undeniably opened up a conversation about the essence of weddings and the societal expectations that come with them.

"I finally got married to my best friend Sanja_Nyamwega . Thank you all who graced our wedding it was a success," Angie wrote on her Instagram on March 4.


bellla2482 you were serious about the venue

lenah_wambui Ala yaaani it was this serious?

carolynerispahnanzala Haiya,kwany ilikua archive ya Nairobi..... thought ni archive 'archive' yany memory

bigshark583 Am jealous coz you beautiful and your married. Now i have to look for another

iam.nekesa The best wedding pictures I believe. Congratulations


koinkores When you belong to the streets and you get married

i.t.s__dayan Aty she's been married where she belongs


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