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Actress Awinja claps back at critic who tried to attack her [Screenshot]

Wacha kutafuta clout and nonsense - Awinja

Actress Jackie Vike aka Awinja

Actress Jackie Vike a.k.a. Awinja fired back at one of her critics after the individual attempted to belittle her craft.

A social media user identified as Sosten Kipchumba, took a screengrab from one of Awinja’s videos, alleging that she had been dropped by brands over the comedy skit.

“Kenya breweries and Royco companies breaks with Awinja Nyamwalo - Jacky Vike as brand ambassador over this tabia mbaya,” Sosten Kipchumba alleged.


However, in a quick rejoinder Awinja joined the conversation terming Kipchumba as a propagandist who was out to spread fake news.

“Oh ndio unaji train kukua blogger wa fake news? (Oh, so you're training to become a fake news blogger?) I see, all the best in your career sir, oh na usisahau ku mention pia (don't forget to mention) Ariel, Downy, Equity Bank, Netflix e.t.c a step at a time and you shall get there,” replied Awinja.

She went on to ask the man to find something more constructive to do with his life, instead of poking his nose in other people's business for no good reason.

“Watch the whole video to get the message, wacha kutafuta clout na nonsense” added Awinja.


The video in question captures Awinja going around the city, trying to ensure that young people are dressed in a decent manner. And those who happen to be in skimpy dresses are dished with free ‘kamisis (petticoats)’ in order to cover up.

Going through the comment section, netizens also took issue with Kipchumba, many arguing that he was out to clout-chase using Awinja’s name.


Linnet Nafula - Musician “You're such a pervert!!! Yaani kwa hiyo video yote uliona you pause the part that lasts for a second utumie kutafuta wafuasi! Are you that desperate akugawie followers roho yako itulie. We love Awinja Nyamwalo - Jacky Vike


Patrick Shikuku ShikukuWewe kama unataka Awinja sema bana... Kwan Bibi yako Hana up man”

Aggrey Marita “This is pure stupidity. You can't just pause for a video to pick a part of it out of your perverted mind to trend with it while running someone's reputation”

Violet Vio “Normalize clapping for others till it's your turn. You seem so bitter and clout chasing by all means”

Njeri Muiruri “Learn to wish others well....... Have some pressure tablets because she is going to shine more,itakuumaaaaa pressure ipande........Mucarmo”

Alicia MabeleI had to compare the number of your followers and Awinja's.I now understand why you are bitter.Work hard to be companies ambassador like her ,usituletee”


Fridah Kamau Munyu “Why take a screenshot of a video and keep posting it allover,why would a man try to fight a lady this much,hii wivu imezidi mwanaume”

Namai Lyn "This man never post something that makes sense despite his age”

Dorcas TabbyKuna baika yako imepotea? Wachana na awinja wangu kabisa na uache moshenee kizee kikubwa tu...wenzako wanapeana mimba huku nje wewe unatafuta unga kwa vyovyote”



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