Christina Shusho responds to sugar mummy accusations

The singer was accused of aggressively pursing a Kenyan video director to the extent of visiting witch doctors.

This was after the two apparently worked together on the set of Christina’s hit song ‘Ninanga’ra’.

“Things were going well work wise had been single for almost four years pursuing my career and dreams and so mid last year I decided to date and that's when issues started, I had overheard that you like young men, although I respect all my clients and work and never have I ever asked sex from them or tempted to be with them, I always put work as work and dating aside, so you Christina Shusho started asking ‘now which woman are you posting now eh?’ This was shocking since you were just a client not God not my mother or father I wondered how could u even dare get to that point so you went ahead to go to witch doctors to ruin my life my relationship!” Tiger narrated.

Shusho has responded to the accusations and said that she doesn’t know Tiger. Speaking to SDE Shusho said “Kwani huyo naye ni nani? Nimtafute na mimi nimuongelee kweli, ni nani na ana nini? Tafadhali kama kuna maswali mengine utaniuliza about that guy I don’t know him. I have no time for him kabisa! (Who is he for me to search for him and talk about him? Who is he and what does he have? Please if you don’t have any further questions to ask about him I don’t know that guy and I don’t have time for him at all.)

Nelson Tiger has now gone to Facebook to ‘forgive’ Shusho.

“Today I Nelson Tiger have decided to let go of all the pain I had for her and whatever I went through was mind blowing and hard to forgive but since I practice true Christianity it’s the right thing for me to do even though she hasn't asked for it, "I have forgiven you Christina Shusho" I want you to know that I still believe in you, your talent and music ministry still the same way before we shot the monster hit "Ningare" which has almost 6,000,000 views on YouTube I want you to know that we can still work together despite what happened in fact we need to ashame the devil because you've seen all the principalities of darkness want is to see the gospel failing but I declare that all dark forces have been defeated in the name of Jesus "I love you with the love of Jesus Christ Lord" .The Bible says "I’m doing a new thing, the old is gone behold the new has come" I am now a born again video director and a man of God, I’m waiting and looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!” He wrote.


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