Gospel Artist Opens up as to What Kenyan Artists are not doing in their journey to the top. Talks about why fans need to own you

Just what exactly does it take to become a mega music star? According to one of the most renowned producers in Kenya who sought to remain anonymous, 15% is good management, 15% is talent and well the rest is just pure luck. But is that really it?

Daddy owen in a photoshoot

Popular Gospel artist thinks there is more, according to him, the latter is important but artists need to do more. He spoke about the importance of artists feeling and connecting with their fan base something majority of Kenyan artists him included don’t subscribe to normally.

Speaking exclusively to Ghafla, he highlighted how international artists organize and headline events where it’s just them and the fans. This is where they get to sing their hearts out, interact with the fans and connect with them.

In Kenya however, artists only get to interact with the fans when there is a corporate show or event organized somewhere. Though he advocates for artists chasing that paper, he feels like that set up is sort of limiting since it operates on set rules and guidelines.

He is advocating for a different business model where artists organize their own shows, call out to their fans, create their own playlist and simply have fun.

He is not afraid to take the first step and that’s why he organized Daddy Owen live which is a three day event meant to simply reconnect with his fans whom he has amassed in the last decade or so. And with a track record of 5 studio albums, you can bet they are a lot.

It will kick start on 2 December with a corporate Friday concert at KICC from 6pm to 8pm where he’s expecting to attract millennials and young couples who are looking to spend a Friday evening in a chilled out way while also listening to the gospel. Actually he sees this event as the start for the new age form of spreading God’s word.

It will extend to Saturday 3, where he will be hosting Malaika Disability Walk from 7AM to 10 AM. It’s aimed at creating awareness and appreciating persons with disability, because they are just like us and we should love them unconditionally. Entry here is absolutely free with the whole ceremony culminating in the evening with Malaika Tribute Awards from 6pm to 10 pm. This however is invites only.

And it doesn’t stop there as event will come alive again on Sunday with a family concert at the same venue, KICC from from 2PM to 6PM. This is basically for people to spend time together and connect with family and friends. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, families rarely get time to spend and interact together and Daddy Owen is providing you that perfect opportunity.

Charges here are 300 bob.


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