Zari is using our kids against me - Diamond on why he doesn’t visit his Kids in South Africa

Baba Tiffah speaks out

Diamond with his Kids Tiffah and Nillan, Zari and Mama Dangote.

WCB President Diamond Platnumz has disclosed that his Baby Mama Zari Hassan blocked him and that’s why he decided sing about his tribulation in hit song Inama.

Diamond was responding to questions that he unfollowed his kids (Tiffah and Nillan) over Hamisa’s Dylan, saying that once you are blocked, you can’t see the other persons profile and that is when it appears like you have unfollowed them. He added that his Baby Mama has been using their kids against him, but believes she will soon change.

“Unajua kule Mama yao kaniblock , sasa uniangalia kwa mtandanao utaona kuwa siwafollow. Lakini I follow my kids. You know when you separate as partners but you have kids together, the person living with them might use them against you. But ni hasira tu najua after sometime zitaisha na mambo yatakuwa sawa. I have followed my kids but their mother blocked me, but I know zile hasira zitaisha tu na mambo yatakaa sawaa. Licha ya hayo nahakikisha kuwa wanapata mahitaji yote yanayohitajika” said Diamond.

Unfollowed Tiffah and Nillan

Just the other day, the Kanyaga hit maker was being accused of only following Dylan, his son with Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

In April last year, Zari who runs her kids Instagram accounts, took the initiative to unfollow Diamond following their fallout that saw them go separate ways.

Both Tiffah and her brother Nillan were following only six accounts on Instagram; that of their parents and their step-brothers. But, the number was reduced to five after they unfollowed their father Chibu Dangote.


In his latest song Inama, Chibu mentioned that love had brought war between him and his children and the only place he got to see them was on Instagram.

Penzi limeleta kwa wanangu vita siku hizi siwaoni naishia kuwalike insta, sioukupenda kuachana naye, ni kupenda kupendana naye,” sang the father of three.


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