Diana Marua’s unexpected response to the ‘shosho’ slur

Diana has been bashed as a shosh.

The Bahatis (Infinity Clix)

The age gap between Diana Marua and Bahati has been ready ammunition that fans resort to whenever they are displeased with the couple. Some have even branded Diana a ‘Shosho’ which means grandmother in the Kikuyu language.

However, the age gap between Bahati and his spouse is not that HUGE to begin with since the couple only has a two-year age gap as Diana is only 27 to Bahati’s 25 years. The Shosho slur has now become commonplace since Mr Seed left EMB records after allegations that the Bahatis called the cops on Mr Seed’ pregnant fianceé.

To counter the narrative Diana has now decided to embrace it instead of fighting it, effectively blunting the jabs. ‘Mama Heaven’ as she has christened herself decided to poke fun at the name and shared a video wearing a blue dress which she captioned ‘Shosho slay’ in reference to the insult.

In the latest episode of Being Bahati, Ms Marua stated that it doesn’t bother her that Bahati is younger than her. She affirmed that what matters most in their relationship is the fact that they love each other.“What do you mean it does bother me, Bahati is younger than me? It doesn't bother me at all, what matters is that I love him period” said Diana Marua.

Even though a lot of people are clearly bothered by their age gap, the couple has revealed that they don’t have a problem with it with Bahati even admitting that he went out of his way to look for an older woman. The ‘Mama’ singer disclosed that he chose Diana as an older woman wouldn’t ‘stress him out’.

“I’m proud of my wife’s age, I always wanted an older woman, I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I’d want a woman who wouldn’t stress me out,” Bahati told Edaily in an earlier interview.


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