Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has never been afraid to talk about her past and on many occasions she has owned to her mistakes, striving to be a better person each day.

On Tuesday, the mother of five, shared the struggles she went through after being sued by her baby daddy who wanted full custody of their son (Prince Ojwang).

According to Akothee, she was taken to court yet she was taking care of all her kids without the help of their father.

Singer Akothee with her Family in France (Instagram)
Singer Akothee with her Family in France (Instagram)

Akothee sued by baby daddy

Imagine baby daddy suing me , me of all the people , me Esther Akoth Kokeyo, needed in court doing what, defending what ,and why ? yet I am taking care of my children by myself, I asked myself several questions, most of the times @nellyoaks would catch me talking to myself on the mirror or on the corridors ,the swiss guy had his own demands, he wanted access to his son without paying a dime, I dint have a problem, until he started interfering with my private life , attacking those I date and who is in my life, he wanted to chop off all my legs and make sure I am on my own, last year WAS A MESSY AND NOISY WITH A FEW CASUALTIES. LEAVE PEOPLE'S FAMILIES ALONE SEE THE BACKGROUND IS A PLAYING GROUND FOR KIDS WITH CASES, THE guy was granted all his plea,” said Akothee.

She pointed out that despite the ups and downs she was subjected to, they were able to sort out their differences and currently they are in good terms.

Akothee and her family
Akothee and her family

Child Support

Madam boss went ahead to bring in Zari and Diamond, basing on the fact that Zari had previously complained that the father of her two kids (Diamond) had neglected his responsibilities.

“He wanted a phone number to reach his son, he was given, but now he calls occasionally, he was given access to his son, he has only come to France once in 17 months, the only thing he has kept is the amount he was asked to pay, that one he pays on time! So don’t tag Zari or diamond here, ,please please, leave families Alone, now we have left the cases in the hands of the lawyers , we even forgot that we were needed in court , we are friends ,I love and respect this idiot ,he is the father of my son, what can I do ? I can’t tell my son anything, he doesn't even realise that his father has not come to see him, he has papa Oyoo covering up for all the father duties , tell me what can I do? If I focus on his faults! Will I even afford a smile? No way, I have a life to live, when he has time, he will come to see us, we are here to stay, my mucus dried in 2018” added Akothee.

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