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Meet the KCSE candidate who welcomed a bouncing baby boy before sitting for her mathematics exams

The number of students giving birth a few minutes to sitting for their examinations keeps increasing. Another young girl from Nyeri County welcomed a bouncing baby boy on Monday before she sat for her Math examinations.

The girl who schools at Kihata Secondary school was forced to sit for her paper at the maternity ward at Outspan hospital in Nyeri while her classmates were in school.

Despite the exam jitters, the 18-year-old had a safe and normal delivery, the new baby weighed 2.7 kilograms and according to the nurses he is very healthy. Njeri will be discharged in a few days but as for now she will be taking her exams in the maternity ward.

According to the star, the young lady will be sitting for her papers in a private room which will always be under high supervision by the invigilators.  Stella Njeri is hoping to perform well in her exams and is looking forward to joining a prestigious university comes next year.


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