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Huddah reveals the only man she is ready to date in Tanzania

Recently Huddah was In Tanzania to host Harmonize's event

During her recent visit, to Tanzania, Huddah had a series of Interviews where she spoke about her business and personal life.

The beauty entrepreneur, disclosed that given a chance, he can only date WBC’s Harmonize.

“Nikiambiwa nidate a Tanzanian guy right now huyo atakuwa Harmonize. I think he is a very humble guy. Nilimmeet like two years ago through Zari and Diamond. Hakuwangi na maneno mingi” responded Huddah.


Leaked video

In an interview with Lil Ommy, Huddah said that the video was misinterpreted and that she only touched Harmonize’s beards and that was it.

The socialite stated that at the time she was working on something with Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan, while Harmonize was in South Africa for a Video shoot and they were getting to know one another.

Different opinions


Huddah added that it does not bother her because whenever her name comes up people have different opinions.

“Ukiangalia hiyo video hatukukiss tulikuwa tu hivi tunavyo ongea nikamshika kandevu kake that’s it. That time tulikuwa mimi Zari na Diamond you now we were having a thing in Johannesburg and Harmonize was there too alikuwa anashoot video and he came there tukakuwa tu marafiki and we went live on snapchat and now kila mtu as you said mahali Huddah jina yake inatokea everybody has different opinion.” Huddah said.


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